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Spellingerrors (:p) on the websiteLittlerose268155712016-02-07 11:34:11
by JonathanGomez207
Games won't submit scoresloverofth...5328632015-11-24 07:17:40
by sasisrenalito143
Please Read Before Posting - Common problemschevychic255319692014-07-07 23:42:43
by greenawalt57
Bugs in Offers/Tasks or Usamp? Read thisagm19921527872013-02-15 12:01:06
by isk8lakai2
The Sweepstakes Issuevze3rtba21542016-03-29 17:57:12
by AbbyAW
LifeScriptAdvantage not syncingem5593502016-03-16 15:49:18
by em559
SOOP logging out before completingRobert894692016-03-11 22:28:47
by Robert89
Bought an item without checking it out.DarkAnimal12392016-03-05 11:32:35
by lapraceon
Limbo question (?)vze3rtba1502016-03-05 00:18:47
by vze3rtba
website issuekassiemye...3732016-03-03 13:41:35
by kassiemyers2013
video offers won't load.wolfhybrid1552016-02-28 22:54:15
by wolfhybrid
Profile picture not showing on forums and vanishes from profileladydarksky2642016-02-28 21:04:22
by treghost1
Profile comments bugAllenafaith51132016-02-21 17:45:12
by AbbyAW
Site Acting Up Today [Sorted]vovillia4802016-02-11 22:21:23
by vovillia
Internals loading uSamp walllterrell1832016-02-10 06:52:54
by lterrell
Personal Profiles saying Not a valid choicemaryr19755952016-02-04 21:19:46
by chevychic255
Survey Bugtreghost131362016-01-31 06:17:35
by gameandnuts
Helper System problem..machiavel...2512016-01-27 09:55:45
by lapraceon
s2w not credittingfrostbite...3852016-01-25 14:40:45
by justforlooks
Not getting the correct Winnings on Merits contestsmaryr19752712016-01-25 09:40:30
by maryr1975
Transgender in the wrong place.chantella...2732016-01-22 21:49:11
by lapraceon
Recent lottery bug.vze3rtba51272016-01-20 18:03:35
by treghost1
OW surveys ... surveys available but none on page?killerseed21042016-01-18 11:39:18
by AbbyAW
Instant Withdrawal System GlitchYoungSpiffy11242016-01-11 13:58:41
by YoungSpiffy
Another one.lterrell1732016-01-10 10:26:49
by lterrell
Referral Earnings Bug/IssueDarkSaber1952016-01-05 14:31:14
by DarkSaber
End offer feedback/rating bugfredob1592016-01-04 17:55:57
by fredob
Problems with my zip codeRodt122742016-01-01 20:37:10
by Rodt12
SOOP will not loadfreeswag4...2922016-01-01 14:27:20
by freeswag4april
USamp Not WorkingCLD236013842015-12-31 11:35:31
by CLD23601
Videos not working.THEWERT2612015-12-29 10:41:06
by lapraceon
Users under 13 able to register?Allenafaith31512015-12-27 18:44:02
by Allenafaith
"This web page has a redirect loop" errormparke1196862015-12-03 12:56:30
by benc247
Redirect Error Chrome & MS Edge Won't Let Me Check out (Resolved)jessicaok31062015-12-02 21:26:11
by nunger37
The page isn't redirecting properly (Resolved)benc24721182015-12-01 14:45:34
by benc247
Jun group bugwowgamer171312015-11-30 17:59:37
by Deathhand2277
Shooting Gallery problem(s)?jkh9703252872015-11-29 13:24:33
by GhastlyDragon
Redirect loop error (Resolved)Karenhoho1932015-11-27 17:47:38
by Karenhoho
Chat is not working properlyqwertz20134832015-11-25 14:32:48
by qwertz2013
Another broken survey.lterrell1982015-11-21 09:27:26
by lterrell
I just spent a gazillion minutes of my life..lterrell11192015-11-18 16:57:39
by lterrell
Lost 10 Qualifying Points on a pre-qualifying questionnaire???naturegir...61222015-11-17 14:50:20
by Jmk192
Withdrawal Errorlilly4atime3692015-11-16 13:25:12
by lilly4atime
profilerssaturnblkg41252015-11-12 13:51:51
by saturnblkg
Shoutbox not working while in uSamp forums sectionC4sp3r1682015-11-10 20:11:04
by C4sp3r
All External walls downtreghost131332015-11-09 15:16:07
by maryr1975
[FIXED] Contests reveal private emailstreghost131422015-11-09 12:32:44
by Littlerose
[FIXED]Recurring tasks not creditinggraeme743832015-11-09 11:10:59
by Stijn1234
[FIXED] HV has been resetlterrell2852015-11-08 10:40:18
by agm2
Error in the ugamsolutions survey (135 points)vze3rtba2882015-11-05 19:53:52
by chevychic255
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