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TopicStarted ByRepliesViewsLatest
Weekly Lotteryhelmsuzanne162133072017-05-11 22:41:44
by novamore
Rules - Read Before Postingshelbinator16352014-01-19 14:17:38
by shelbinator
Competing Informationchevychic255122732011-12-18 16:39:51
by chevychic255
How to donate merits.technomonk12964402011-12-11 17:18:24
by Stewfan14
Team rebuilding. Seeking 4 active members.Cobain4245762017-10-08 11:02:57
by irmalwar
Looking for a team to join just started and trying to learnSogodly2272017-09-24 15:00:10
by jazlynnviolet
Looking for new team memberss20theforce2902017-09-13 12:13:16
by s20theforce
PLEASE JOIN MY TEAM! IT IS CALLED HEADS4POINTS!kingmjd1105952017-08-25 07:58:08
by zodthree
Seeking 4 members with 15K+ to join my teamMessiffi81722017-08-22 14:44:13
by Messiffi
Holy Merit [2nd currently] need 3 more membersMessiffi1272017-08-21 20:28:00
by Messiffi
58,000 merits looking to join a small teamLaWaughn183032017-08-19 08:13:19
by redandrose
The Wolf Pack (Team)scederdahl12104302017-08-16 11:23:19
by Messiffi
Time to win is recruiting!allrisk41072017-08-13 17:11:02
by elle117
looking for members to join my merit teamkassiemye...4111232017-07-03 17:06:56
by kassiemyers2013
My Team Is Recruiting! time to winallrisk1412017-07-02 11:16:26
by allrisk
Got 25,9k meritsqwertz20131612017-06-21 12:53:56
by qwertz2013
Looking to join a team? 800+MeritsxI2y52892017-06-18 01:24:37
by Hobonuker
Seeking an Active Team to join!cmw16125872017-05-15 10:21:13
by killerseed
Looking for a active team to join..rachal64681612017-05-14 03:07:10
by rachal6468
Looking For Team 2 JoinReeRee3731522017-04-23 06:24:52
by ReeRee373
Looking for 2 new members for my merits team!yoshiboy1121522017-02-13 01:12:35
by agapestathas
20k merits seeking teamTonberryP...44852016-12-16 03:34:47
by humd
50,000+ Merits Seeking a Teamlarcha21612016-12-07 15:07:58
by Lyuba06
Looking for 3 Members to join my teamkassiemye...3716152016-12-02 20:56:59
by Norm817
Anyone familiar with merit contest?matyuk12361472016-11-01 12:22:04
by yoshiboy11
Looking for a merits team?amphibian61422016-10-30 19:16:49
by amphibian
Looking for 2 new team members with 15k+ each.yoshiboy113942016-10-25 15:49:05
by yoshiboy11
Team "The Merit Kings" Looking for members!Super302221272016-10-24 00:32:51
by trapio
how do i complete my surveyghardeynike3862016-10-24 00:29:25
by trapio
Gaming Alliance seeking members for Merit Team!gamergal2281832016-10-04 09:11:43
by globish
Team Yognauts looking for membersASuperWinner21962016-07-13 15:19:00
by ASuperWinner
payout of merit contestbox77711172016-07-08 12:37:25
by box777
’P2S Vets’ Looking for membersWannapla1732182016-06-30 14:10:11
Members required for team MeritMuncherswigginwolves53412016-05-26 10:33:46
by mariebone1982
Looking to join a merit team I have 26k meritsbackhander32452016-04-27 20:51:42
by fires67
Join Team Tech Mastersknight459131882016-04-20 13:27:05
by Frugalqueen
Looking for a team to join I have over 13k meritsAmandaDov...21632016-04-17 22:58:14
by Jesus600
Join my new team PhenomenalOnes!AmandaDov...31562016-04-16 14:01:06
by AmandaDover99
Last Month's Sweepstakesjosielu22782016-04-05 22:46:32
by dave7x7
2nd place currently in competition seeking new teammates!yoshiboy1111942016-03-04 19:30:18
by yoshiboy11
looking for active team 32k meritsJosh98921752016-03-01 15:06:19
by ruecian23
Looking for active members to join my teamlaxkid7172732513232016-03-01 14:59:08
by VikingForEver
LOOKING FOR PERMANENT TEAM MEMBER WITH 20K+VinayPatel21472016-03-01 08:59:53
by Josh989
what do Merits do?hayesroach8104732016-02-16 07:53:22
by MARYP813
Looking for 2 more team members for merit comp anything more than 6000 is perfectly finebackhander11492016-02-10 17:40:17
by backhander
Looking for 2 more team members for merit competition 10k plus please.backhander11532016-02-09 16:32:09
by backhander
Have 10k merit looking for teammanosteel21132092016-02-09 16:29:45
by backhander
32k+ merits . searching for a teamrachitdaiya75012016-01-26 13:07:51
by dailey123
Need 3 more membersYaBoiTre31992016-01-18 18:34:42
by jksurvey7
Top 10 overall team looking for merit members.yoshiboy1133522016-01-01 17:34:15
by harveyb
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