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Project Go Kart

Gamers Outreach funds the construction of portable video game kiosks we like to call, GO Karts (Gamers Outreach Karts). GO Karts are used to provide entertainment to patients in hospitals who have a limited amount of access to activities outside of their rooms. Thanks to GO Karts, hospital staff members are able to easily transport video games and other sources of entertainment to patients…

Fun for our Troops

Gamers Outreach Foundation supplies video game care packages to troops serving overseas through our Fun for our Troops initiative. The goal of this initiative is to provide stress relief, relaxation, and boost the morale and overall well-being of U.S. troops. Many of our servicemembers are gamers and they rely on game play as a way to decompress and lift their spirits. Fun For Our Troops serves all branches of the U.S. Military and primarily works with video game consoles, PC games, and console games.


Gamers Outreach coordinates online video game tournaments and community game nights to help raise funds for others in need. Through our initiative Gaming4others, Gamers Outreach hosts fund raising events for our own projects as well as a variety of causes and charity organizations. Gamers from across the country donate funds to participate in online tournaments. Proceeds from the tournaments are then donated to pre-designated causes or organizations. Gaming4Others combines passion for gaming with charitable action; an ideal way for gamers to positively impact problems existing in our global community.

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