Matrichaya is a Swayam Sevi Sangathan working for the development of the slum dwellers and rural tribals living below the poverty line. It is registered under Jharkhand Government, Government of India and recognized as a charitable society under 12A and 80G of Income Tax Act. The organization is also registered as Humanitarian Education and Livelihood Programs (HELP) - Matrichaya Inc. to Section 402 of the Not-for-Profit Corporation law of New York, U.S.A. Accounts of Matrichaya are regularly audited by a Chartered Accountant every year.

The organization has been founded with the mission to catalyze socio-economic changes in this poverty-struck tribal region of Jharkhand through education, vocational training for the self employment and health care. We put special emphasis on the under-privileged children, poor men and women to make them realize their potential and help them to achieve the long term goal of self reliance.

Matrichaya's Inception ...

We reach a point in life when we are thankful for what we have and the desire to reciprocate takes over.

We wish to help those less fortunate in some way and realize that there is incredible opportunity to solve public problems with private initiative and resources.

Education is a critical requisite and an effective catalyst for social and economic changes.

Where is Matrichaya ?

In Ranchi - in the State of Jharkhand, India
One of the poorest and the least developed states
13% of the population lives in Slums
84% are Unemployed
77% are deprived of Drinking Water
46% do not have Electricity
59% Illiterate Males
90% Illiterate Females
52% of households only have all children (6-14) in school
88% are not exposed to mass media

Objectives of Matrichaya

Basic education, including both primary education and adult literacy.
Vocational Training for women in under-privileged communities to encourage self employment and economic independence.
To promote good hygiene and provide routine healthcare.
To provide prenatal and postnatal care, immunization for children, family welfare programs.
To propagate environmental awareness and promote pollution control methods.
To prevent child labor and bondage labor.
To initiate microcredit programs.
To encourage tobacco control and alcohol detoxification by organizing seminars and street plays.


To bring about socio-economic changes in India through
education of under privileged children and women.

To build a global network of smart committed
philanthropists to achieve above goal.

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