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The Cancer Research Foundation is a tax-exempt, public charity. It was created in the hopes to raise awareness about the importance for cancer research and the need for additional funding.

Each year, the Cancer Research Foundation selects four cutting edge cancer research centers to support. The purpose of the diversity lies in the understanding that every lab focuses on a different variation or aspect of a particular type of cancer... together, the research will find links and patterns to combat cancer as a whole. We are very proud of the strides that our research centers have made over the years and hope that each step will bring us closer to complete treatments and cures for the many devastating types of cancer. The Cancer Research Foundation recipients for 2012 are the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (Cancer Research) and UCSF Comprehensive Cancer Center.


Cbsteffen 2014-12-09 05:12:12
Is this almost the same thing as The American Cancer Society?
alabamachick32 2014-01-06 07:49:53
is there a lung cancer one ? my mom passed away April 2nd 2013
dj1st 2013-07-17 19:02:20
My dad passed away from cancer in May, 2012. So this cause means a lot to me
dave7x7 2012-07-17 06:32:41
great cause linzi :)



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