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Children from India, Iran, Africa and the many war-torn and poor countries are fed and maintained by many organizations out there. But what is missing? Just one simple and very important thing: Play. Why play? Well what are kids without play? They deserve to play and not to do child labors! Right To Play is an organization that delivers sport and play equipment such as The Red Ball regardless of gender, disability, ethnicity, social background or religion.

Please help treat children like children and not our labourers.

What I will do!

In hope to inspire you to donate I will donate 400 points which is about 33% of what i have earned (of January 22, 2011) and will continue to donate.

A Chilling Story

There was a kid in a village located in Africa who was lucky enough to actually have a full-sleeved sweater. He was the most popular because his sweater can be used as a soccer ball. Instead of keeping it to warm himself at night he let the other children use it as a sports ball. A Sports ball! See how sad this is?

Donate now and tell others to donate!

Thank you very much!


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Click on the cause link at the top of the post, it will take you to the page where you can donate.
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how can i denote ??



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