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Registered charity number: 1051543

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at SGH has the latest in neonatal intensive care equipment and many specialist neonatal procedures, including surgery, can be performed at the unit.
The unit provides high quality care for pre-term and full-term babies (neonates) requiring intensive and specialist care. However, it is in constant need of funding to keep this life-saving unit running!

Surgical neonatal care is led by an experienced multi-professional team. Specialist information and support for parents of babies needing surgical services is available pre-natally, during admission and following discharge from hospital.

There are different levels of neonatal care provided on NICU, which include:

•Intensive care
This facility is for neonates needing ventilation, premature babies weighing less than 1,000g and/or babies born at less than 28 weeks gestation, and for babies with severe respiratory disease or who need major surgery.

•High dependency care
This is for babies that require respiratory support, intravenous nutrition and additional care that is greater than special care.

•Special care is for babies who need constant monitoring of respiration or heart rate, are receiving extra oxygen or being tube fed.

NICU cares for babies from within the Central Coast South Neonatal Network, Jersey and the Channel Islands. However, we also take babies from other parts of the country for specialised care when needed.

I am running this cause alongside fundraising on "the worlds best selling page", a facebook group dedicated to our local city, ran and organized by a friend of mine, Jackie Bunday. So far we have raised over £3000 for this amazing department and with your help, we can do SO much more. With the funds we raise, the NICU can train more staff, buy more vital equipment and even expand their research!

Full fundraising deeds can be provided alongside details of the unit if required :)
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deljak 2012-03-14 13:29:11
süper bir düşünce muhteşem
lacrimosaangel 2012-01-09 23:36:23
This unit is very important to me. The staff are always on hand to help support the families and they were of HUGE support to me personally when I lost my twins almost 2 years ago. Without their help, hundreds of families each year would experience the pain of losing a child. Please help support this fantastic unit and keep our babies alive!

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Jan 09, 2012

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