Big Toddle for Barnardo's Children


Barnardo's are a childrens charity who help work with children of all ages, race and background to help them get back on their feet. Whether its aid for the disabled or keeping young children off the street, the Barnardo's charity springs into action.

What we do:
Whatever the issue from drug misuse to disability; youth crime to mental health; sexual abuse to domestic violence; child poverty to homelessness; Barnardo’s believes we can bring out the best in every child. We run 415 projects across the UK

£100 Trains a specialist support worker to deliver parenting classes,
£50 pays for sensory centre sessions for 10 disabled children
£5 helps pay a foster child to attend a family day to help integration with their new family
£25 buys outdoor toys for a Barnardo's project for children in b&b; accommodation to help them get the exercise they need.

To raise money for this wonderful children's charity, my 3 year old daughter and approximately 30 of her pre-school friends are participating in a "big toddle" across the Royal Victoria Country Park in Southampton tomorrow. Whilst this is a one off event, I am aiming to gather sponsorship for herself and the other children taking part, and will continue to donate to the charity long after the event has ended.

Thank you very much for your support, I hope that together we can help sponsor these children and raise money to help those less fortunate!

I will make a donation every $15 :) thank you x

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Jul 21, 2011

Jul 28, 2011

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