Points can never be converted to cash, read here to find out why.

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Points2Shop Forums » Suggestions » Points can never be converted to cash, read here to find out why.
Created: 2009-06-30 13:19:37
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reply date: 2009-06-30 13:19:37 last edited on: 2014-05-05 19:42:39

Why Can't We Convert Cash To Points?

At the present P2S does not allow points to be converted to cash, due to the exclusive advertisers they work with. Most of the advertisers only work with point based systems that receive prizes (so no 'cash' incentives). This agreement to pay with a points incentive rather than cash enables P2S to connect with more advertisers, meaning lots more offers for you!

However, you can still purchase a wide variety of items, including gift cards and virtual visa's, through the reward gallery using your points. Most items are available to purchase from amazon through points2shop. You can also convert your cash to points (not the other way around) to use on reward gallery purchases too.

If you are only interested in earning cash you can change your earning preference to cash at points2shop.com/account/edit_preferences. Once done you will earn cash as default, but please note that some offers are points only (again due to advertiser restrictions).

Please note that All topics suggesting a points to cash conversion will be locked.

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