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Points2Shop Forums » Off-Topic » Discount on Electronic Cigarettes
Created: 2012-08-20 11:41:49
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Not sure if I should post this here or Free Stuff, cause its only a discount.

Goto and enter discount code 916538 for 15% Off.

Cheaper than smoking regular cigarettes.
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lol. i hate how you cant swear on this site but you can talk about drugs -_-
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Yeah, lets promote the use of tobacco on a family-friendly website.
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When you thought you've seen it all on p2s... :facepalm:
not sure if they have this or not yet but i think its a good idea since most int. users do benefit more from refs and this could just boost that part" "Some international members seem to be very good at referringDarkninja, Shelbinator
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Talk about overreacting. :p Calm down guys. Yes it is a family friendly site, but since when did talking about cigarettes become inappropriate to talk about around kids? We don't allow discussing drugs anyway, but illegal drugs. Cigarettes isn't illegal.
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i dont care if people talk about drugs. still, talking about them could get kids to start doing them if this is a family site. just sayin
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lol. i hate how you can't talk about electronic cigarettes but can have a .gif of a man being violently impaled in the face with a gardening instrument. -_-
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lol xD from halloween 5. michael myers owns
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I don't know why you guys are freaking out... Most people use these in fact to quit smoking. So why would it be bad to show kids things that can get them OFF cigarettes if they are on them? That's like trying to hide nicotine patches and gums from kids, it's all the same ingredients.

Thank you for sharing this link, Weedburger! :) I use e-cigs to get my elderly mother off cigarettes, so it will be helpful to get some for cheaper with this discount.

P.S. This family friendly site also has surveys and research studies asking people to drink beer every day for a week and record and relay their experiences. There are things here aimed at adults and that are not illegal and the site has no problem with them. So there are surveys here paying people to drink, maybe even minors lying about their age, this site link offering people discounts on items isn't hurting anyone. Relax.

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