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Created: 2012-08-15 13:38:16
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reply date: 2012-08-19 19:38:51

It's a shame when those common winners come in shout and say "Get off my numbers, newbs" because they know only new users would be guessing their numbers, anyone else that's been here long enough to see how it works knows to stay off of them.chevychic255

I don't understand why those numbers are their 'territory'. If someone wants to pick those numbers, they should be able to do it without getting worried.

In my opinion, the game is fine as is. People should just start picking the usual winners numbers, like I'm about to do. ^-^
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reply date: 2012-08-20 00:03:44 last edited on: 2012-08-20 00:05:01

I say we just get rid of Limbo completely so no one will have a reason to complain anymore. Seriously, the constant whining is ridiculous.
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reply date: 2012-08-20 04:06:53

Simply put. Change the rules and its a 5-10 number lottery. Who wants to play that? Waste of 50 points. Yeh everyones chance of winning become more equal maybe but with no chance to increase your winnings then who will pay 50 points+ per day? I wouldent. Regular players will stop playing new players will get bored when they dont win and net result of that is a massive decline in players and jackpot. Out play the players, work out your own numbers. Ive thrown tons of points at number limbo and it was paying off to a point and now not. I guess someone else is guessing the same numbers as me, tough luck I have to get on with it. Stop complaining.

Another suggestion, remove the winning history. You dont get it on any other game so why provide it on this one? Remove the winners history and it will stop people especially new people from avoiding popular winning numbers. Lets face it thats the real problem your all to chicken to see off the opposition. Do an extra 50 point offer a day and guess the same numbers as one of the most regular winners. If as people say they do no offers after 3 months they have lost a ton of points and you by doing one extra 50 point offer have lost none. Maybe they will give up? Maybe it will take longer?

Either scrap or keep the game dont change the game to suit the moaners.
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reply date: 2012-08-20 05:49:54 last edited on: 2012-08-20 05:53:58

This is why we rarely get to debate anything... There are going to be complaints about the game no matter how badly you don't want to hear them. Telling someone to stop complaining or calling them moaners/whiners is only asking for an argument.

Firstly, there are some of us who don't even play the game or care about getting a cut of the winnings, and still want the game to be adjusted. I'm talking about myself, I have never once played the limbo since I've been a member. That doesn't stop me from observing the game and seeing just how badly it's flawed, allowing there to be rarely any new winners. If it was made equal then more members would feel more inclined to wager points on the game because they feel they have better odds at winning. Who would want to play if they felt it wasn't equal and they're being cheated out of their points? The only bad affect I can come up with is the constant winners feeling threatened because a higher player activity means they're not going to be winning like they are now. Making a change would increase the jackpot and players, not have a bad affect on limbo.

Let me give some examples:;=123
Do you notice anything different about these results, jackpot/players, compared to these below?;=1

To be honest I think it's disgusting to look at 2009 results and see twice as many players and twice the amount of the jackpot when we had a considerably lower amount of active members on the site years ago. You don't really see the same consistent users winning either day after day after day. Now tell me, would you rather have a chance at winning $100+ a night, or $50 to what you're used to these days? Does it look like members were bored with the limbo back then? Does the players even come close to 200-300 players in a day this year? Change CAN be good, and I believe if changes were made to limbo then it would only increase the activity. If anything, the results today should be higher than years ago but we're not getting better results. Why do you think that is? Surely it's not because of us complainers. Not listening to the complaints isn't wise, since the displeased outweighs the pleased by a landslide. Imagine the complainers actually participating in the limbo daily, instead of feeling like they're getting ripped off, if they were heard and finally got a change in the limbo. Those numbers are higher than what you're figuring.

Lastly, personally I don't care if anyone doesn't agree with me or my views. I'm not going to insult anyone or basically tell them to stop talking. I will speak my mind respectfully though about any issue I feel strongly about and would like to see a change made. This is a discussion after all and we don't need to be shut down.
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reply date: 2012-08-20 10:28:04 last edited on: 2012-08-20 10:28:45

To reply to what you have said in a very basic way. 300 players a day with a random system = 300-1 chance of winning at 50 points a day. 50 points a day in cash value for me = roughly 30p UK. 30p x 30 (One month roughly) = £9. £9 a month for a lottery with an underwhelming jackpot even with more players then no thanks. I wouldent play that. If you play that lottery on a regular basis virtually everyone will loose. Thats no different to now but at least now everyone has a chance to try and increase their chance of a good return. Under the new proposals thats basically impossible. Now you have chance to try and work out your own numbers or compete for numbers.

Also dont forget that there are people in this world who are banned from casinos in Vegas because they can work out winning systems for card games. You can change rules but with less than 5 mins thinking time I have already considered how most of the proposed changes could be worked around without much issue. Also how many people play fair? ban someone from winning on a number for one week after one win what if they have another account? Ive spotted quite a few patterns where one winner swaps for another on one set of numbers and then back again. You will have to come up with far better changes than the ones already suggested. When there is a prize to be won there are always those who will seek to highten their advantage. Change the rules once then be prepared to change them again and then again.

Another alternative. Open number limbo 2 with revised rules. Leave the first version open as well with rules for both explained fully and let members play which ever version they wish.

Ohh BTW links given didnt work
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reply date: 2012-08-23 18:09:28

We shouldn't let this topic die off, I also think that it finally is time for a change in the game
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reply date: 2012-08-24 04:32:11

For America!
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reply date: 2012-08-24 15:27:47 last edited on: 2012-08-24 15:31:05

From what I gather a list of users purchase a long string of numbers to guarantee a victory and then they split the winnings and reinvest them into the pool to win again. I won't even go near the game until they are disciplined and the game is fixed.
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reply date: 2012-08-25 04:26:57

From what I gather a list of users purchase a long string of numbers to guarantee a victory and then they split the winnings and reinvest them into the pool to win again. I won't even go near the game until they are disciplined and the game is fixed.seanmcgettigan

Your first sentance is pure speculation. Secondly is it against the rules? Third if thats correct then if the rules are changed this would play right into their hands. When one wins on a number they are banned from winning on it for a week so all they do is switch numbers with another person in the pool. Something a single player cant do. So now they hold more advantage than before. To change the rules may do more harm than good. Finally you cant disipline anyone thats laughable. No one has done anything wrong other than win more than someone else.

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