Why don't winners earn double the points?

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Created: 2012-07-06 04:57:15
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reply date: 2012-07-06 04:57:15

When you play a 25 point game, why do you earn 45 points instead of 50? Are the 5 points gone because the members used the game services and that's the fee both members need to pay? It doesn't make sense. P2S just wants to get rid of those 5 points so they can save their money. I would really like it if the winner earns all the points. It's kind of like betting and it doesn't make any sense to bet your money and not take everything if you win. Somebody with experience with this website please explain why winners only take 80% of their opponents points...
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reply date: 2012-07-06 05:03:19

Those extra points go towards the funding of new games and features on the site.

You're still earning more than you spent for the entrance fee on the tournament, so why complain? This is a business after all so you have to understand some funds need to be paid from somewhere. Even think about the 5 points you can earn from copper bar drops in the new P2S game. Those funds come from somewhere. :)
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When you consider that P2S most likely has to pay to have these games here, or take time and effort to provide them so that members can take a chance to earn more points, it makes sense that a "fee" of sorts is chargable.
I don't see anything wrong with P2S taking a fee for providing these games. P2S is a business, after all.

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