Im from the USA but Cant send messages in the shoutbox, why?? (Resolved)

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Points2Shop Forums » Support » Im from the USA but Cant send messages in the shoutbox, why?? (Resolved)
Created: 2012-07-01 18:02:24
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reply date: 2012-07-01 18:02:24

why cant I send messages? Im from PR but v.v I guess people dont know that PR is part of the USA..
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PR... isnt that puerto rico?

Although I beleieve its withenn US territorial waters, puerto rico isnt a part of the 50 United States. Their has been pushes to make it a state (that or some other island nation Ive heard...) but those attempts have gotten nowhere..
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Yep, since your country isn't set to US/UK/CA, you would first need to earn at least $2.00 from offers or refer 50 members to the site. Once you reach one of those two requirements, you would have access to the Shoutbox.
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