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Created: 2012-06-29 16:54:33
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Getting Chatty
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Get in the mood for summer with this FREE Jeweled Heart Pendant! New members signing up for Sneakpeeq will get this absolutely FREE just for exploring the site. Offer valid for NEW members only!!


Sign up for a Free Sneakpeeq Account
Connect with Facebook
Click ‘Share’ to unlock your rewards (you can share with up to 3 friends if you want to)
Click ‘Use Your Rewards/Badges’
You’ll be taken to the page with the Jeweled Heart Pendant
Click ‘Peeq’
It will be FREE and you can click ‘Buy Now’ and complete the checkout process (shipping is FREE!)
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My first post
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Can i have? I just want to give it to someone who's willing to be with me...
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I said for me that I had to enter card detail and that shipping was $1
2010-04-06 19:30:07
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