Craig model-cmp738b Android Tablet Stuck at boot, help!?

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Created: 2012-06-27 14:16:00
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reply date: 2012-06-27 14:16:00

So here's a fun experiment for you tech savvy users out there! I recently won 3 Android Tablets from Listia earlier this morning. Thing is, only one of them works. The other 2 was reported to come on, but get stuck at the boot screen.

I've come across cases like these before and usually installing a custom firmware fixes them right up. Unfortunately, this may not work as it isn't always a 100% fix.

Like I said its a Craig model-cmp738b

If installing custom firmware doesn't do the trick do you know of any other tricks that may get the job done? They also reported that they have tried the reset button combinations with no avail.

I haven't actually received the tablets yet but when I do I'll keep you updated. I'd just like some extra plans to fall back on just in case mine dont work.

So... Any ideas?

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