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News, Announcements & Contests

Announcements & important news about Points2Shop and Cashle will be posted here. we would highly recommend checking it often so that you don't miss out any news and vital information about Points2shop and Cashle.

Contest: Win Battlefield 4 (PC) - Open to all! by mralphabet27
at 2015-03-27 19:08:02
74438 posts
1080 topics


Received a product? Post your proof here!

Just got my neck knife!! by batmanfan97
at 2015-03-27 20:31:43
105240 posts
16766 topics


Can't find the answer you're looking for in Points2Shop or Cashle FAQs? Post NEW questions here to get support or any help you want. Please read every sticky thread before posting a support thread and feel free to answer questions other users have posted.

Crunchyroll didn't payout and still haven't received a response (Resolved) by guhwuh
at 2015-03-26 10:42:40
34231 posts
7337 topics

P2S Surveys and Offers

Discuss offers & surveys and share advice on how to earn.

Problems with Persona offer wall by Kimi87
at 2015-03-27 23:57:13
28639 posts
3921 topics


Anything else about Points2Shop and Cashle

My Daily Routine by vovillia
at 2015-03-24 18:36:47
31988 posts
4160 topics


Everything about Teams, Quests, Lottery, Sweepstakes, Merits and Honor Levels

Looking for 3 Members to join my team by kassiemyers2013
at 2015-03-26 13:15:40
13571 posts
3073 topics

P2S Games

Everything about the games on P2S!

TriPeak rankings by gjtgjtgjt
at 2015-03-23 19:28:46
20489 posts
1683 topics

Referral Talk

Anything related to referrals!

My new referral video!! by kas038
at 2015-03-16 10:56:39
34041 posts
4342 topics

P2S The Game

All about the new P2S game.

how to play? by jas22885
at 2015-03-25 00:42:36
2042 posts
254 topics


Donation for causes @ Points2Shop

Wikimedia Foundation by josve05a
at 2015-02-25 05:43:17
1600 posts
451 topics


Have any Ideas or Suggestions for us? Post it here.

Diamond Icon submissions by triheadedmonkey
at 2015-03-24 12:04:52
28167 posts
4245 topics


For any bugs you'll find at P2S

Admin don't reply by Santanudlion
at 2015-03-27 09:12:14
5530 posts
1543 topics

P2S Apps & API

For help, features request and bugs with the P2S Mobile Apps (Android & iOS) & API

Points2Shop Android App - Support by ldpx3000
at 2015-03-24 22:21:43
1277 posts
196 topics

General Discussions
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Chat about anything you want! Bla bla bla

Opinions lol by Neisha17
at 2015-03-27 23:38:03
175483 posts
12189 topics


For all discussion about the latest Video Games and other Gamer Talk

Clash of Clans by jas22885
at 2015-03-24 06:31:50
13856 posts
2362 topics


Movies, TV, Music, Sports, Celebrities, Etc.

Rave on by Pfunkstar
at 2015-03-14 20:53:31
6181 posts
1003 topics

Forum Games

For all your forum games!

Last to post wins! by dillionmesser
at 2015-03-22 11:02:25
52055 posts
265 topics

Creative Works

For all creative minds out there. Photoshop, Art, Poems Etc.

Poem of Point2shop by biggbwoy44
at 2015-03-12 19:09:10
4168 posts
752 topics

Free Stuff

Want to share free stuff? This is the place to be! NO weak discount deals. NO discussions about other GPT sites. Just freebies. Spam = ban.

(US) free pizza from dominos by Dory4
at 2015-03-27 23:01:20
62059 posts
26794 topics


Health & Beauty, Food & Recipes, Hobbies & Interests, Fitness, Family, Travel

When it comes to food, what is your biggest weakness? by shreddies
at 2015-03-23 11:17:23
3621 posts
636 topics

Introduce Yourself

New to the site? Please take a moment and introduce yourself to the Points2Shop community in this forum(a place for new members to meet the old).

Hey everybody, it's JJ! by Stijn1234
at 2015-03-25 11:53:12
105172 posts
29205 topics

Partner Forums


Chat about all CoD related stuff on one our partner forums!!
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