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Want to share free stuff? This is the place to be! NO weak discount deals. NO discussions about other GPT sites. Just freebies. Spam = ban.
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Free Stuff
TopicStarted ByRepliesViewsLatest
How to Search for Freebies Before Posting + Why Mods Are Strict When Removing Postsshelbinator116372015-03-30 21:17:16
by rubyjane
Popular Active/Recurring Freebies - (Do not repost. Duplicates will be removed)agm1992501785412013-11-07 20:08:39
by mydogdory
Rules + Guidelines: Posting Limit, Acceptable Freebies, and Post Templatehypercoas...100366592010-06-01 22:34:48
by stefen
Scam, Phishing, and Address Harvest Sites (to avoid) - [UPDATED FEB 2015]825661425190652009-09-06 18:46:48
by redfist1000
Free Fast and Furious Xbox Expansion for Forza Horizon 2treefrog507732015-03-31 18:44:53
by treefrog50
(US,CA)FREE Single Serve Sample of Schar Bonta d'italia Pasta2wreckless1112015-03-31 16:32:24
by 2wreckless
Free Creme Egg Calzone at Bella Italia (UK)shelbinator1112015-03-31 13:44:00
by shelbinator
Free Tempur Pillow RRP £65 (UK)shelbinator1112015-03-31 13:29:54
by shelbinator
Free £5 GAME credit (UK)shelbinator1202015-03-31 13:12:53
by shelbinator
FREE DuraHook Coat Hook Sample2wreckless5722015-03-31 11:55:43
by Lorifiya
(US)FREE Bottle of Nesquik at Tedeschi Food Shops on 4/032wreckless182015-03-31 11:49:43
by 2wreckless
Free Puff Candy (Invalid)gokulesh212352015-03-31 08:33:56
by jennie111585
(US) free pizza from dominos - Expiredkrstnshdwl1103742015-03-27 23:01:20
by Dory4
FREE SUDOX PAIN RELIEF CREAMgokulesh211822015-03-25 07:48:29
by gokulesh21
FREE Commando Jack PC Game Download2wreckless91742015-03-24 22:01:41
by a1f5g70rt
Free Universal Screen Cleaner Sample! - Expired/Site GoneSantanudlion51862015-03-24 21:01:35
by micheltu2
(US)FREE Simple Micellar Cleansing Water Sample2wreckless3912015-03-24 13:00:21
by jennie111585
FREE Lipton Peach Tea!Santanudlion31072015-03-24 07:54:11
by jennie111585
2 FREE Truvia Natural Sweetener Samples!Santanudlion2562015-03-23 11:28:45
by jennie111585
FREE AccuCheck Glucose Meter!Santanudlion2632015-03-23 11:19:54
by jennie111585
SteamRoad4Kill104782015-03-22 20:32:34
by chevychic255
FREE 2015 Los Angeles Dodgers Pocket Schedules2wreckless3752015-03-21 21:36:13
by jennie111585
Get a free seed packet from Feed A Beebrueger51252015-03-21 04:13:46
by bryanmaurer
Crypton Sampler & Mess Kit for FREE!Santanudlion41642015-03-21 02:17:00
by LindseyLemon
Free Steven Universe Episode Downloadsautisticmink3862015-03-19 17:38:36
by autisticmink
FREE Playtex Sport Pads, Liners, and Combo Sample Pack!Santanudlion3812015-03-19 13:35:44
by Santanudlion
Get a free sample of an iStretch cable when you complete the request form.brueger31832015-03-18 18:24:10
by PocketGamer
(US)FREE Grilled Flat at Corner Bakery Cafe2wreckless1612015-03-17 20:06:02
by 2wreckless
Free Can of Halo Vigor Cat or Dog Food2wreckless3772015-03-17 17:20:04
by devenrocks
FREE Wristbands Sample Pack!Santanudlion32102015-03-17 17:11:35
by xbon
(US)Free Sboons Crackerchips Sample2wreckless2842015-03-16 23:41:18
by jennie111585
FREE LitterPal Quick-Bags Corner Kit!Santanudlion2882015-03-16 09:44:53
by jennie111585
Dairy Queen: FREE Small Vanilla Cones (3/16)!(Today Only)Santanudlion1562015-03-16 08:35:15
by Santanudlion
FREE Soil Collection Kit!Santanudlion41412015-03-15 20:22:10
by Santanudlion
(US)FREE Rice-A-Roni OR Pasta Roni Single Serve Cup2wreckless2912015-03-13 15:13:16
by jennie111585
FREE Julep Spring Fling Welcome Box!Santanudlion51292015-03-13 15:01:37
by jennie111585
(US)FREE Mars Easter Singles Shape Chocolate at Kroger2wreckless1732015-03-13 11:10:41
by 2wreckless
(US)FREE Save the Date Sample Kit From Minted2wreckless31042015-03-13 00:56:02
by C4sp3r
Always Discreet FREE Liner and Pad Multi-Sample Pack!Santanudlion2852015-03-12 16:38:33
by Runewitch
(US) FREE 21st Century Smoke Electronic Cigarette Express Kitchevychic25542802015-03-12 11:35:35
by chevychic255
Get a free Allergy Eats magnet!brueger2932015-03-12 06:24:25
by jennie111585
FREE 2015 World Impact Ministries Calendar2wreckless3962015-03-12 04:33:20
by Diane1767
Free Bottle of Sambazon 100 Superfood Juice2wreckless21042015-03-11 20:57:03
by jennie111585
FREE LEMON PEPPER SPICE SAMPLEgokulesh2121092015-03-11 07:25:22
by jennie111585
Free HRC Poster [US Only]autisticmink21012015-03-09 14:21:49
by jennie111585
(US)FREE Ace Hardware Paint Color Kit at Noon EST Daily2wreckless2812015-03-09 14:18:04
by jennie111585
FREE Jamberry Nail Wraps Sample2wreckless21122015-03-09 14:17:25
by jennie111585
(US)FREE 32 oz Fountain Drink at Stripes Stores2wreckless1502015-03-09 11:43:18
by 2wreckless
FREE Eco-Drain System Sample Kit!Santanudlion31132015-03-09 08:51:50
by Santanudlion
(US)FREE Suave Hair Care Products at Walmart2wreckless21292015-03-08 14:30:33
by jennie111585
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