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New to the site? Please take a moment and introduce yourself to the Points2Shop community in this forum(a place for new members to meet the old).
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Introduce Yourself
TopicStarted ByRepliesViewsLatest
points2shop is not a fraud websiteElijah09903552014-06-13 09:46:10
by sethzin
Im From Philippinestherence0351102014-06-11 17:00:38
by megamigit23
Hello Everyone!CommanderBT2452014-06-10 13:28:09
by Stijn1234
Hellojoycegero...2552014-06-10 13:27:24
by Stijn1234
Not so new, but New herejlstarr782382014-06-10 13:26:22
by Stijn1234
New Girl Here :)loveliket082532014-06-10 12:38:20
by sethzin
I am potatobipbopsss4452014-06-09 11:00:38
by bipbopsss
Been here a couple weeks, I thought I should introduce myself.Ringo134652014-06-08 12:51:24
by austinfrey18
I'm a new user and I love the siterebekahxx4942014-06-07 06:41:46
by rebekahxx
I'm new, ple help mekhanhho853562014-06-06 21:34:14
by deshn21
Heyannajanewild2372014-06-06 13:24:51
by Stijn1234
Relatively new...Pasicgirl3372014-06-06 09:45:13
by sethzin
Hello!Threshold...2322014-06-05 10:20:52
by Stijn1234
Hey Everyone :Djackmaster102462014-06-03 07:50:32
by Stijn1234
I'm New!TangledPa...101122014-06-02 14:35:33
by sav441
Hellonr250462392014-06-02 04:00:25
by Stijn1234
Hello :Dcomicgirl926532014-06-02 00:50:09
by comicgirl92
Forgot To Introduce Myself, How Rude of Me!AgentSculder3582014-06-01 02:26:23
by AgentSculder
Hello everybody!SpencerKi...2432014-06-01 02:16:09
by Stijn1234
A Delayed IntroductionZavor2352014-05-31 11:44:46
by Zavor
Introduce Yourselfblinan2442014-05-31 08:09:33
by Stijn1234
Hi My name is Beckah And I would like to intriduce my self.MAMA042402014-05-31 08:09:12
by Stijn1234
Hello Everyone My Name Is Darniell From United State Of Americadarniell3592014-05-30 12:16:56
by Gagandip
Hello my name is Caprice and i would like to introduce myself.strangert...3482014-05-30 03:34:47
by VikenPatel
MYSELF SAHIDUL ISLAMiamsahidul2472014-05-30 03:18:21
by Stijn1234
Hello Everyone :-)Swayingth...3742014-05-29 10:52:17
by ooooohlalaa
*FacePalm*deadpools...2572014-05-29 03:23:35
by Stijn1234
Anyone in need of a New P2S Friend? : )brandy87192332014-05-28 08:59:19
by spaz1990
Nice to be here with you all...heatherlanca3422014-05-27 17:22:59
by gaurav007don
Well hello there :)xNoelle3502014-05-27 17:20:14
by gaurav007don
Heybigmike15837642014-05-26 14:06:33
by gaurav007don
The curious case of being a Noob :Dgaurav007don3662014-05-26 03:36:41
by gaurav007don
HI :3lizzy15709141192014-05-26 00:58:30
by raul02041990
new heremayray72894692014-05-25 10:19:24
by ayaka01
Hi i am awesome335 and i am newawesome3353692014-05-24 17:43:28
by sunshine134713
Hellogarena3422542014-05-24 08:04:05
by Stijn1234
Hi. I'm newish.piscesfire5562014-05-23 09:06:38
by sethzin
Got My Verification Letterjagritaro...144422014-05-23 09:03:56
by sethzin
NEWBIEEEangelmomme3732014-05-23 09:02:11
by sethzin
new!porshe35642014-05-23 08:59:44
by sethzin
Im newteo19913482014-05-22 06:42:49
by missy05
newbiesouthsbig...2422014-05-21 03:46:07
by Stijn1234
Hello everyone!wuilman2352014-05-21 01:01:26
by aprilx1992
Hi, I'm KingRyanVII!KingRyanVII2522014-05-20 15:13:51
by aprilx1992
I'm new! :DToothless...2412014-05-20 11:51:54
by Stijn1234
XD gonna call this lala landlizzy157091492014-05-19 12:21:39
by lizzy15709
Hi. I'm newmissdecem...4632014-05-19 07:08:54
by IonJohari
Bally Chohan Laundry - How are you?ballychoh...1452014-05-19 04:54:53
by ballychohanlaundry
Hi everyone!teresmajor3492014-05-19 04:01:07
by nackyy20
hi everonegreenbaer3492014-05-19 00:45:38
by racinallday
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