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New to the site? Please take a moment and introduce yourself to the Points2Shop community in this forum(a place for new members to meet the old).
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Introduce Yourself
TopicStarted ByRepliesViewsLatest
New users, please watch "The Introduction Video"medic777771480510822013-09-20 06:31:49
by agardne8
Please read prior to replying to an IntroAbbyAW141442011-03-28 08:23:31
by AbbyAW
Rules - Please Read Carefully Before Postinggedney12123372010-01-04 11:44:14
by gedney
Newbasterd1233132014-04-18 12:13:17
by peace1986
Add me as a friend New to P2..................................................wendiausb...2122014-04-18 11:04:48
by lapraceon
Hello Worldzero77Azure4172014-04-17 18:48:11
by zero77Azure
ADD ME AS A FRIEND!!amber82523172014-04-17 11:44:27
by amber8252
Newcomeriesha45675222014-04-16 16:01:48
by iesha4567
HeyOniRokaku4202014-04-16 16:01:16
by lapraceon
Hellokpop953252014-04-15 21:32:21
by lapraceon
hi peopledadutchpride3102014-04-15 07:10:18
by lapraceon
Add me as a buddy. :)Zear2232014-04-14 04:38:38
by Stijn1234
i hope this is good aas it sounds and appearsadhjr315192014-04-13 22:50:11
by adhjr31
como ganar puntos facilmenteRosek162122014-04-13 22:22:29
by lapraceon
hi there, im new :)jiangzhishu2142014-04-13 15:38:33
by lapraceon
new memberbuljo303152014-04-13 15:34:23
by lapraceon
nnnnnnnnnneeeewwwwwwbecker74302014-04-12 22:38:51
by Jesus600
hi im newbrandidan...5292014-04-12 22:37:04
by Jesus600
Hey there!rainpuddle3232014-04-12 22:30:10
by Jesus600
im newatarigurl24292014-04-11 19:55:21
by austinfrey18
Hi! New member looking for advicenmaguire753242014-04-10 18:14:10
by lapraceon
HII I AM A NEW USERSantanudlion8552014-04-09 17:29:55
by kimhills
ordered my second item boooom!!!!bowzeroff...3262014-04-09 15:00:32
by IonJohari
hi RomaniaAIG201272952014-04-09 12:36:29
by andrewjulyan
I'm a new user and I love the siterebekahxx2382014-04-08 12:33:12
by Stijn1234
Hey Everyonegreendog876372014-04-08 11:17:13
by rebekahxx
Hi there everyone, NY USADarkside0...4312014-04-07 20:38:33
by Darkside00697
Time for Some Epic Introduction :PSoraAMM14412014-04-07 18:48:40
by CrEaTiOnE
helloSantanudlion2232014-04-07 07:19:23
by lapraceon
HelloGrandmaDe...2252014-04-06 15:39:24
by lapraceon
Hi there I am new.peluche05032312014-04-04 18:52:31
by lapraceon
how much experience do i have to get increase my level?jdixon4283452014-04-04 10:35:41
by lapraceon
Hello everyoneMeseriasu5332014-04-04 09:16:00
by tamporurot
im newjdixon4282282014-04-03 20:55:12
by jbobman7
HELLOsisterkay5402014-04-03 20:39:52
by josh3121
hellofingertip...4312014-04-03 20:39:34
by josh3121
hey new herepersonal844302014-04-03 20:39:10
by josh3121
thanks adminSantanudlion3272014-04-03 20:38:43
by josh3121
Hiya!Firesoul2504412014-04-03 20:38:16
by josh3121
New here- requesting friends!Alyssa20143232014-04-03 20:37:56
by josh3121
heyyy yall!baconsher4342014-04-03 20:37:38
by josh3121
Hey everyone :)crazyklutz2212014-04-01 18:13:12
by TomsWorld
Hey :DCandymyne4392014-04-01 18:12:40
by TomsWorld
From Indonesiagoldielock3292014-04-01 07:22:09
by lapraceon
hey my name charles i m new to this gamemoneymake...2322014-03-31 00:26:51
by lapraceon
Hello ALL MEMBERS!!!firekid78910592014-03-30 11:51:44
by kassiemyers2013
Anyone in need of a New P2S Friend? : )brandy87141172014-03-29 18:11:23
by brandy87
Hello there!Lessienplus3312014-03-29 15:58:46
by Princemillion50
Hi every onejourei5432014-03-29 15:57:37
by Princemillion50
malaysiazeroguard3342014-03-28 13:13:03
by zeroguard
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