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Diamond Icon submissionsisk8lakai23923082014-10-13 18:09:02
by herbonthepc
A note about adding new gift cardsMatjong2811142014-10-12 11:52:11
by BJG18
Gift cards for CANADAfallonbal...185382014-09-13 14:12:45
by gigabyte284
Points2shop should send out an inbox message about ...Littlerose6271642013-10-08 20:13:55
by chevychic255
Suggestions: Ideas that won't or can't happen (Please do not repost these)agm1992142112009-12-21 19:48:10
by agm1992
Most Points Earned in a Dayjkh9703253432014-11-21 23:40:47
by kkrulez64
Points For All DisqualificationsRobbie73315482014-11-21 14:32:40
by Robbie7331
Site lacking Admin/Mod-Member interactionILovePandaz132182014-11-20 14:21:10
by agm1992
Sports Game Challenge2wreckless1382014-11-18 09:54:15
by 2wreckless
Can we INs have Giftbig or Giftxoxo vouchers?urvashima...7552014-11-18 08:16:14
by VikenPatel
250 points for sign up clarificationtriheaded...2432014-11-17 17:01:58
by chevychic255
250 point sign up on main page needs to list restrictionsN8tiveDude131992014-11-17 15:32:52
by vanisk
Suggestion: Forum for clowdflower tasks/jobsqwertz20133532014-11-16 15:09:28
by qwertz2013
Pay pal and ordersjvarga291342014-11-13 14:41:48
by jvarga29
Display names in addition with usernameschevychic255279632014-11-12 17:36:27
by PanTheMan
radio offerdrull993382014-11-11 04:28:33
by drull99
about referral linkdrull993362014-11-07 22:31:06
by drull99
Option for opting out of surveys! (i.e. Other Study Notification Spam)Ambernich...193692014-11-03 17:58:53
by tredog65
p2s rpg suggestionklairehiro6572014-11-01 22:17:59
by Itsul
Gamers!OnlyRS2502014-10-31 20:14:21
by Itsul
Save Amazon Gift Card PreferencenewSpiritX5892014-10-29 22:10:58
by newSpiritX
OfferToro OfferWallmattsower...233882014-10-29 16:40:23
by daus26
POINTS2SHOP THE GMAE ITEM CRAFTINGkishoreku...7722014-10-28 05:09:20
by drull99
Multiple Account WarningDarkninja173082014-10-23 22:01:42
by Darkninja
Ebay MerchWilson201361012014-10-23 09:20:06
by ajfortner
adding a pay pal card for pointsGreen8551052014-10-23 05:18:16
by mattsowers358
About points.yoshiboy113542014-10-16 18:55:03
by chevychic255
EmoticonsVoltageFu...51162014-10-10 19:26:10
by chevychic255
Giving Legend members their own dedication page.lapraceon61412014-10-08 17:45:29
by rebeldefecto
Show when a user "Last Logged/Active in"shelbinator61202014-10-08 09:31:10
by chevychic255
New Leaderboard Idea.yoshiboy113712014-09-29 19:03:29
by Mydragonsfly
p2S earningjeanlouis...2792014-09-20 23:12:09
by chevychic255
Steam Gift CardnVirus4612014-09-20 23:08:21
by chevychic255
Would love to Have tick box surveysshadowfax814502014-09-19 19:53:31
by hang5do
get new helpsnickers017752014-09-19 00:38:40
by bttero
Points to Shop the GameJakob99181372014-09-17 21:36:23
by Jakob991
offersAdewale2343502014-09-17 15:16:13
by chevychic255
Rent Ref suggestion.moneybags823562014-09-17 12:23:50
by lapraceon
Change Elite Honour to $300 earned.yoshiboy11173772014-09-16 06:21:15
by dwalker27
Non-Virtual Visaslapraceon2692014-09-13 10:16:18
by herbonthepc
Xbox Credit gift cardstuboy2623572014-09-12 15:05:19
by stuboy262
sweestake suggestionspiritsce...71352014-09-09 13:05:52
by kkrulez64
About merit teams.yoshiboy111792014-09-06 20:29:37
by yoshiboy11
The Points2Shop Advanced Search Engine.PR1NCEDAR...4852014-09-06 13:15:25
by DarkSaber
Build your own avatar.lapraceon3702014-09-04 12:54:43
by isk8lakai2
Other countries also need freedomAnonymous...2682014-09-02 07:48:07
by chevychic255
Built in translator for shoutN8tiveDude91342014-08-31 08:17:52
by rebeldefecto
(Forum Signature) + (Tools) in the (Edit Preferences)PR1NCEDAR...82432014-08-28 05:00:44
by vishal107
Re adding p2s routers for surveysDavid4456721092014-08-23 14:55:15
by Dazmufc93
Mobile App SuggestionThisIsWho...4762014-08-21 06:24:15
by ldpx3000
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