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Diamond Icon submissionsisk8lakai23419862014-08-16 08:43:13
by ansgu
A note about adding new gift cardsMatjong269432014-06-22 13:52:01
by PrivateMaster
Points2shop should send out an inbox message about ...Littlerose6262242013-10-08 20:13:55
by chevychic255
Gift cards for CANADAfallonbal...174572013-07-29 20:10:21
by fallonbalshin
Suggestions: Ideas that won't or can't happen (Please do not repost these)agm1992140602009-12-21 19:48:10
by agm1992
Re adding p2s routers for surveysDavid44567182014-08-22 08:57:20
by David44567
Helper System idea.lapraceon1172014-08-21 23:13:44
by lapraceon
Mobile App SuggestionThisIsWho...4352014-08-21 06:24:15
by ldpx3000
More suggestionslapraceon121232014-08-20 16:46:39
by bantz
offer grocery store cards as well as walmartlooniebin102222014-08-19 16:24:07
by shelbinator
Making some offers more teen-friendlymissmagix...5442014-08-19 13:39:18
by Mydragonsfly
My suggestionstahmidhus...5502014-08-14 17:10:28
by Mydragonsfly
Remove games from the app.....lapraceon2242014-08-13 21:00:34
by chevychic255 vouchers.king10471492014-08-09 11:05:03
by king1047
Avatar photo optionsTrev000002732014-08-09 04:22:41
by Darkninja
new merits opportunitysupermari...6622014-08-07 01:19:50
by chevychic255
Move the Bot's Announcements to a seperate Notifications Roll/FeedDarkSaber6892014-08-06 01:50:45
by rebeldefecto
Alternative Of Paypalrachitdaiya91772014-08-04 11:30:45
by superman3474
New LevelVisitante90212852014-07-29 09:34:33
by ThisIsWhoIAm2014
Merit "limbo" IdeaPixelMous...1362014-07-29 04:16:56
by PixelMouseSk8r
Daily GoalILovePandaz81222014-07-29 00:07:42
by Mydragonsfly
Photo contest idea.lapraceon2342014-07-28 23:38:54
by chevychic255
Change Elite Honour to $300 earned.yoshiboy11162382014-07-26 16:35:36
by DarkSaber
Limiting offer announcements in Shoutboxchevychic25541462014-07-25 12:24:50
by chevychic255
Making a comment section for all offers so we know which ones credits or doesnt credit ....Green855762014-07-25 09:16:36
by chevychic255
Points to Shop the GameJakob9917812014-07-24 23:48:28
by Jakob991
Changes to HS Payments and Requirementstriheaded...243852014-07-24 15:34:51
by Albini1988
Points for your birthdayJeremy2640163572014-07-22 14:17:36
by saloums7
Update P2S rules and enforcement to coincide with the terms and conditionsN8tiveDude4972014-07-20 23:18:17
by saloums7
loging in elsewhere?Lyuba065442014-07-19 02:11:47
by chevychic255
Name color respective to LevelsiMario999212092014-07-17 23:35:55
by supermariomaster
Point top-up systemCrEaTiOnE111492014-07-16 11:12:08
by hebby2012
gift cardsmariapecho4752014-07-15 20:38:31
by rebeldefecto
weeksy diamond icon submissionweeksy82142014-07-14 07:24:26
by RtDxWoW
Conficting rules/TermsBobman713202432014-07-13 04:57:33
by chevychic255
buying lottery ticketssupermari...6822014-07-07 19:22:49
by supermariomaster
Lottery Ticket Exchange to Pointsrachitdaiya131672014-07-05 13:13:24
by arano
give everybody free pointsKronos209...5622014-07-04 22:24:40
by rebeldefecto
Loot Crate subscriptionsMarshel56652014-07-04 20:11:29
by rebeldefecto
Suppliers/Commercial accounts and contestssaloums7173012014-07-03 17:19:00
by chevychic255
Earn P2S Earphones in CanadaVincentd1206892014-07-03 04:56:27
by chevychic255
App For Windows Phonedudeni36802014-07-01 14:38:14
by chevychic255
Add Sears Gift Cards Please- Access to tons more gift cards thru them, explanation in messageN8tiveDude81302014-07-01 00:35:56
by N8tiveDude
Adding tickbox surveys?David445674542014-06-30 13:24:14
by shadowfax81
Make P2S app available across all versions of Androidgaurav007don7682014-06-29 13:27:54
by gaurav007don
Merits for external offersmparke1164012014-06-28 07:35:21
by saloums7
New Games For Points2Shop!vze3rtba6722014-06-27 07:14:43
by reecey2810
P2S RPG game suggestionMydragonsfly6562014-06-27 00:23:25
by reecey2810
Why is there no search bar for specific offers?michalgor...3472014-06-25 16:51:55
by chevychic255
Ka-Ching!!! :Prebeldefecto254482014-06-25 05:11:41
by hebby2012
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