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Diamond Icon submissionsisk8lakai26536392015-06-18 00:30:41
by devincianna
A note about adding new gift cardsMatjong3015992015-05-27 01:12:04
by TonberryPrincess
Gift cards for CANADAfallonbal...187772014-09-13 14:12:45
by gigabyte284
Points2shop should send out an inbox message about ...Littlerose6280592013-10-08 20:13:55
by chevychic255
Suggestions: Ideas that won't or can't happen (Please do not repost these)agm1992147012009-12-21 19:48:10
by agm1992
Quality scoregraeme745752015-07-28 10:32:53
by oselcarlek
Spin2Win Suggestionrhoover18751522015-07-15 12:57:03
by AbbyAW
Survey Suggestion !jasdft7992015-07-10 15:29:53
by ltankersley
Suggestionrhoover1876962015-07-03 13:10:12
by ltankersley
Demographics change- Remove Transgendered as a "sexual orientation"lapraceon61212015-07-03 08:09:39
by ldpx3000
BRING BACK WALMART GIFTCARDS PLEASE!!!yoshiboy1161062015-06-18 22:07:02
by lapraceon
There should be Mcdonalds Giftcards on here.yoshiboy115832015-06-17 07:34:58
by lapraceon
Hope this message reaches Admin and I get guidanceimmizzz7822015-06-16 21:39:53
by immizzz
HV togglelterrell3632015-06-16 13:29:41
by ldpx3000
Correct Gender Pronouns on Profilerslapraceon1812015-06-11 16:11:33
by lapraceon
Enabled Radio loyalty for all countryn4in4i2742015-06-02 09:55:48
by Stijn1234
$50 Amazon Gift Card [EMAILED] Approved - BUT again it has not been sent.Texoru51542015-06-02 03:48:27
by Texoru
Editing posts in shoutbox..yoshiboy1161102015-05-29 14:03:36
by shelbinator
Giving people a bonus for signing up with a ref code.lapraceon1682015-05-29 12:31:06
by lapraceon
Most numberbers of Merits for NEW UsersMoshioshi3722015-05-22 13:23:20
by lapraceon
New Site Design or Old option??Visitante90133652015-05-17 05:15:22
by astroo0000
My suggestionApproxSB61462015-05-17 05:14:20
by astroo0000
EbayxXxITZBad...71212015-05-17 05:13:23
by astroo0000
topics for holidayschloeprin...5772015-05-10 20:47:49
by shelbinator
P2S Merchandise ideas!!!!lapraceon92412015-05-08 17:13:38
by chevychic255
Add Tango Card (emailed) to the Reward GalleryN8tiveDude54032015-05-02 19:28:35
by shelbinator
Type Captchas to Earn Pointszzirgly61862015-04-21 06:47:07
by ldpx3000
Support Ticket Prioritiestreghost193982015-04-08 20:58:24
by VikenPatel
No Permenant Block for Account issueVikenPatel42682015-04-08 07:08:55
by lapraceon
Forum SuggestionLorifiya21182015-04-01 10:49:02
by shelbinator
How about poker???conley36502962015-03-23 09:04:58
by agm1992
Adding competing categoriesfreebecca1902015-03-18 16:00:27
by freebecca
adding the candy airheads to the cheap rewardsruecian231942015-03-15 23:04:22
by ruecian23
Merits ExchangeCaTiPaY31382015-03-06 23:18:01
by kkrulez64
Other Study Offer For PhilippinesCaTiPaY21112015-03-06 05:09:02
by killerseed
Credit Card For P2S (VISA,Mastercard)CaTiPaY31672015-02-28 22:56:56
by maizenblue616 GCbillski3021102015-02-27 17:45:44
by mrpoopypants18
P2S For Secondary Exclusive Country in AsiaCaTiPaY61362015-02-27 04:06:29
by chevychic255
Add gift cards!Santanudlion21692015-02-27 04:03:12
by chevychic255
Turn P2S Into A Reflection Of Facebook, Only This Site PAYS!m9piloto81582015-02-26 17:44:42
by hebby2012
Points2Shop should have their own search engine.turtlenick41082015-02-23 14:30:18
by Jesus600
2 SuggestionsRockingRitu71152015-02-17 13:46:40
by RockingRitu
Instant Tutorialnatedawg44992015-02-15 06:57:35
by ajfortner
Points2Shop should add a landing page for promoters!ILovePandaz31062015-02-14 22:52:15
by ILovePandaz
Honor Level Colorstreghost141952015-02-14 01:16:21
by ajfortner
Keep points total so you can always see itIrondog155092015-02-13 17:53:24
by lterrell
points/cash counternigelm71642015-02-13 01:14:46
by ILovePandaz
Custom Point Goalsnatedawg45942015-02-12 23:20:07
by natedawg4
Display names in addition with usernameschevychic2552913772015-01-29 21:22:11
by Freeofretards
Notes Section For Your Goalsvovillia51532015-01-22 23:04:04
by vovillia
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