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The Points2shop Ice Bucket Challenge!shelbinator95082014-10-20 09:00:11
by commakosie
Ultimate Game Card RetirementMydragonsfly102832014-09-19 11:20:12
by sty92
Rules & Guidelinespierreplover126952009-02-20 22:37:59
by pierreplover
Free Tee for FemalesDuke007style1142014-10-20 07:38:34
by Duke007style
Building a PC BUT..Darkninja1122014-10-20 04:14:09
by Darkninja
Im quiting smokinggina72076263802014-10-19 23:55:21
by ajfortner
Anyone ever feel like they do more than is required?ajfortner121652014-10-19 23:53:05
by ajfortner
What do u like on your pizza?bsherrie647762014-10-19 14:03:45
by Allenafaith
What's the best retro game you ever found?Ayesha2723542014-10-16 14:34:49
by Ayesha272
leleleDevAim1362014-10-14 14:33:23
by DevAim
MOTHER AS BACKBONE OF THE FAMILY”.chiemma1302014-10-14 09:23:23
by chiemma
MAKING YOUR MARRIGE WORKchiemma1282014-10-14 09:12:50
by chiemma
BEARING THE FRUIT OF THEHOLY SPIRITchiemma1302014-10-14 09:06:18
by chiemma
healthy coffeechiemma1282014-10-14 08:57:38
by chiemma
Which soundtrack is the best?bird971402014-10-13 14:45:37
by bird97
who's cuter?triheaded...183432014-10-13 14:37:31
by bird97
whats the orders of ranks?astroninj...4742014-10-12 16:36:11
by ajfortner
Good For A LaughDuke007style2402014-10-12 16:33:35
by ajfortner
Celebrating Being a member for about a monthcommakosie3512014-10-12 16:32:44
by ajfortner
Man HeatDuke007style2612014-10-12 16:29:49
by ajfortner
Dead chat and bot spamMydragonsfly61232014-10-12 16:24:26
by ajfortner
whats your job? and hwat stories can you give that are intresting/funnypewdiepie...2512014-10-12 02:31:59
by Stijn1234
Just chillin on points2shop trying to stack up some pointscommakosie2502014-10-12 02:29:32
by Stijn1234
Dan Post Boots Plus Help Cure CancerDuke007style1412014-10-09 12:15:44
by Duke007style
Printer Problemsshelbinator4532014-10-07 19:13:53
by shelbinator
You like Megaman? You like watching Let's Plays?TheTrick1502014-10-03 21:59:35
by TheTrick
if your stuff never came and your tring and tring to get points back post heremontybran...3592014-10-03 06:12:42
by montybrannigan
what is going on with surveys latelybttero1592014-09-30 05:32:41
by bttero
New presidentSastra191432014-09-30 01:11:01
by Sastra19
Viken's Birthday!triheaded...5782014-09-29 23:53:21
by lapraceon
Hello every onei2433912014-09-28 17:26:35
by inkariukas
I'm sadmatyuk12361182014-09-28 17:24:58
by inkariukas
If you have a cat tell mebsherrie645872014-09-28 17:23:03
by inkariukas
Points2Shop Social Bookmarkingd3athbang3r1402014-09-26 19:22:41
by d3athbang3r
Thinking about Joining the Army and was wondering what to expect in MEPS and if there is any advice you can give me.JackAttack951482014-09-25 17:13:19
by JackAttack95
need a merit team?kassiemye...1492014-09-25 08:14:49
by kassiemyers2013
Free Hyundai College Football Team ClingsDuke007style2652014-09-24 13:48:35
by chevychic255
Free $50 Amazon/Target/Walmart Gift Card In Less than one weekbillidaun41642014-09-22 16:40:59
by chloeprincess01
Help me loose weight.superman3474122282014-09-22 15:22:42
by bttero
This site is awesomematyuk1233742014-09-21 16:01:34
by michelleself
eiffel towerAdewale2343812014-09-19 15:01:36
by sty92
Scotland's independencemassie4205662014-09-18 05:52:41
by massie420
Please everyone vote!Codine3742014-09-16 05:06:14
by rebeldefecto
give your suggestionsmohsin327611662014-09-16 01:47:16
by mohsin32761
hockey season is nearly here whose going to winfrostbite...2602014-09-14 19:56:54
by kkrulez64
Kickball and loving it!cmw161271582014-09-13 23:42:06
by kkrulez64
Spam Call Prevention ♫Duke007style61462014-09-13 19:49:27
by harlied
by lapraceon
Added Bonus to SurveysDuke007style7712014-09-11 06:58:38
by harlied
UnsubscriberDuke007style2582014-09-11 06:54:23
by harlied
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