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Discuss offers & surveys and share advice on how to earn.
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P2S Surveys and Offers
TopicStarted ByRepliesViewsLatest
Completing Surveys and Offers for Creditjustdoit201045032013-12-09 21:19:44
by shopashoppe
Easy offers for new members in the U.S(=GarciaN42762013-12-06 14:44:17
by chevychic255
usampjoshthetosh21332013-12-05 11:13:36
by Stijn1234
Earning Points with an IphoneAragem11242013-12-02 09:16:21
by Aragem
task amount not added in my account balancemukeshgup...51302013-11-28 07:08:58
by mukeshguptalko
uSamp 25 Point Surveys - Never Payouthebby201221602013-11-28 06:52:20
by graeme74
Black Friday!Arashbeats42182013-11-28 01:47:33
by Stijn1234
study offer not workingmukeshgup...21152013-11-27 17:26:20
by Matjong
tokenads customer servicejoshthetosh41382013-11-27 08:17:06
by joshthetosh
Indian Offers and Cheap Rewardscrazymer9693562013-11-27 07:11:03
by anubhav96
New to points2shopzimio01031072013-11-27 05:59:10
by Ivanthegreat66
What are Daily ClicksAragem31262013-11-27 05:58:47
by Ivanthegreat66
Toluna Surveys not Creditingjustdoit201011152013-11-25 08:44:48
by justdoit2010
Receive free points if you download an offer to your PClivlifeby...22382013-11-23 12:51:56
by freakingmartin
SSI offer $.50 not working shows errormukeshgup...21162013-11-23 12:49:54
by freakingmartin
Always finding challenges with surveysunil000421022013-11-23 12:49:32
by freakingmartin
PR52758 - India Employed Full Time offer closed nowmukeshgup...31312013-11-23 05:25:38
by anubhav96
Trial Play: Samsung Twitter Follow is a scam.Franklin55121252013-11-21 13:45:53
by Stijn1234
I don't qualify for surveys.Franklin55121152013-11-21 02:04:55
by kalbers
other ways to earn cashmalajax92512013-11-21 02:00:57
by kalbers
Qmee Offer - Get bonus Points!agm19921114342013-11-20 18:38:57
by thekingajew
no points from usampsjoshthetosh41442013-11-12 19:08:09
by TheThreeTreos
Points2Shop Introduction Videogousctroj...61542013-11-10 22:40:47
by flwlforeva
No more Clip Coupon Incentive?zach7417101872013-11-10 00:35:38
by chevychic255
Something is wrong with the surveys.ifoundani...21822013-11-09 23:31:39
by gousctrojans2012
Easy Breezy 125 Pointsjoeynjoy62722013-11-04 19:35:42
by anita4323
You cannot complete this offerdimabo77781492013-11-04 05:13:51
by diluksameera
SOOP gone?(Resolved)BigtimeGuy114842013-11-02 09:57:48
by Shreyas2
Mobile apps that credit you(Us tested only)-Apple IPod touchAmbernich...21972013-11-02 05:55:32
by Stijn1234
UK Offers.Derek80163062013-10-28 19:34:04
by Vincentd120
Increase your approval rateMatjong226112172013-10-27 22:03:17
by bookmom08
What does everyone do when the main surveys such as FedSam, SSI, PeanutLabs, etc are all gone?obizues31642013-10-21 14:05:17
by iculookinf41
MyView Survey for UK?David4456721542013-10-20 14:09:27
by Boombow99
Qmee Offer now approving all!agm199211662013-10-19 15:57:31
by agm1992
Daily Clicks for International MembersBigtimeGuy154642013-10-17 00:47:10
by incumac
SOOP Changes - Un-official Noticehebby201244742013-10-12 22:59:49
by m4a1master
Best Way to Rack in Points and CashAragem33062013-10-12 22:57:58
by m4a1master
Usamps issueshoussa9852222013-10-12 22:57:26
by m4a1master
How to complete opinion survey?rahulkraj51502013-10-12 22:54:53
by m4a1master
Surveys that cut to off half way throughcondecof1561792013-10-12 11:25:57
by DumbClowny
Manual OffersJbv199441512013-10-09 02:03:14
by chevychic255
Videosmnpirates21622013-09-29 22:10:45
by tredog65
PeanutLabs "submit your valid information to earn points" offers aren't creditinghydrosuic...22142013-09-29 19:48:33
by chevychic255
OfferX - Win an Apple Package Worth £3000 (UK)hebby201211562013-09-29 10:41:06
by hebby2012
I Need Heeelp .Needtowin2321172013-09-27 08:41:32
by Stijn1234
What are the tips for completing SSI survey?rahulkraj21812013-09-24 05:26:15
by obscurelynigh
need to know how to make some easy/quick points?Darkninja202939932013-09-21 13:20:49
by kamrananjumsoj
Offers that are pending from 4 months!diluksameera41982013-09-21 08:54:28
by m4a1master
Need to earn 500 points quick.Aragem825202013-09-18 09:25:52
by rejain
lab42 surveypochathedon72512013-09-14 09:15:46
by RomeoRide1
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