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Can't find the answer you're looking for in Points2Shop or Cashle FAQs? Post NEW questions here to get support or any help you want. Please read every sticky thread before posting a support thread and feel free to answer questions other users have posted.
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About Selling merits! (Resolved)diluksameera31562013-10-10 01:40:39
by diluksameera
Can't understand how can i place a manual order ( HELP ) (Resolved)MrDanny52192013-10-09 21:33:08
by kevin25690454
Order Keeps Getting Denied (Resolved)DreadedSk...31312013-10-09 15:41:55
by DreadedSkittles
US SURVEYS? (Resolved)kezgy1341412013-10-09 08:34:19
by kezgy13
minimum amount required for credit on Crowdflower (Resolved)malajax31662013-10-09 05:45:30
by incumac
Amazon Digital Downloads/Serials Rewards (Resolved)chen36921352013-10-09 00:06:34
by chevychic255
Not Received SSI Bonus Payment (Resolved)RaveAddic...52192013-10-07 13:28:03
by Stijn1234
Pictures not showing up (Resolved)jennie11158581532013-10-06 10:48:15
by incumac
Can't verify address, can't change it either (Resolved)ifoundani...42722013-10-06 09:16:49
by isk8lakai
Dailies Surveys Problems (Resolved)Ambernich...41902013-10-04 17:54:44
by shelbinator
When will the prize of the offical P2S the game will be debit? (Resolved)sargdanrajan31982013-10-04 08:08:13
by sargdanrajan
Problems with U Samp (Resolved)Ambernich...41522013-10-04 01:55:36
by Stijn1234
Mailed gift cards (Resolved)malajax31622013-10-02 08:02:48
by incumac
I am so confused. help pls (Resolved)cdnsixty9er61982013-09-30 14:08:46
by slashthebomb
gift cards (Resolved)joshthetosh21612013-09-29 12:35:52
by chevychic255
What Posts Are Considered Spam? (Resolved)aperkins201321482013-09-29 12:21:18
by shelbinator
Cancelling an order? (Resolved)mancar51692013-09-28 19:05:58
by tdt3101
Problem with NativeXBrianBCS921662013-09-28 15:28:17
by chevychic255
Facebook Credits (Resolved)Hrsha54512013-09-27 18:28:26
by longhairedmn
Add surveys for Lithuania (Resolved)killer5599121652013-09-27 08:06:00
by Stijn1234
so very confuse .This offer is on your to-do list (Resolved)plucious41542013-09-25 16:42:54
by plucious
interuppted games on tri-peaks solitaire...chasingarock1982013-09-25 10:23:12
by chasingarock
Will this work when I am from Norway? (Resolved)meningsto...31242013-09-24 21:39:44
by incumac
can i close support ticket without answer (Resolved)KDS198972312013-09-23 11:25:58
by shivamrmcf
Average time for verification letter? (Resolved)SetSometh...92102013-09-22 20:36:20
by chevychic255
shipping cost for emailed gift card? (Resolved)malajax52292013-09-22 16:18:19
by hunter420
ID needed to verify my account (Resolved)lexiconhuka31662013-09-22 15:05:16
by lexiconhuka
No SSI Surveys? (Resolved)sireniafan1031712013-09-22 13:05:26
by kamrananjumsoj
someone help- payza account cash refunded. But no credit in my account. (Resolved)incumac133612013-09-22 12:09:05
by incumac
offer completed but did not earned point (Resolved)amankumar7133522013-09-21 14:29:10
by incumac
How long does it take to get a check from P2S from canada? (Resolved)Giminiman21412013-09-21 02:59:04
by Stijn1234
Did not get points (Resolved)Deaner2151462013-09-19 14:16:39
by kamrananjumsoj
What is the fastest way to earn points rather than surveys because their annoiyng (Resolved)vic54731632013-09-19 03:12:26
by incumac
amazon orders (Resolved)joicerey61712013-09-18 08:49:42
by incumac
does the browser matter? (Resolved)shubhang199891952013-09-18 05:39:41
by incumac
My referrals from PH (Resolved)MrDanny133112013-09-18 05:22:15
by incumac
Not showing in contests (Resolved)AdamDavis1461482013-09-16 12:53:35
by incumac
Please help me (Resolved)kristvillar61642013-09-16 12:52:20
by incumac
little help (Resolved)islam33361632013-09-16 12:50:11
by incumac
Why is my iPhone app saying there is a problem with my account? (Resolved)emzobeyzo31412013-09-16 12:48:35
by incumac
Support Ticket Pending for 7 Days?? (Resolved)vince5664912013-09-16 12:44:07
by incumac
merits (Resolved)jackwills...51382013-09-16 06:38:52
by incumac
My personal referral guide for beginners (Resolved)pewdiepie...22012013-09-16 00:12:57
by incumac
$3 dollars (Resolved)manene11151832013-09-16 00:10:42
by incumac
Blocked from spending points (Resolved)tammyjewel5733742013-09-14 17:02:06
by shelbinator
Spend Points, still :\ (Resolved)thekingajew11622013-09-13 19:12:43
by thekingajew
my order (Resolved)dakuanb31452013-09-13 12:09:59
by dakuanb
its been over three week and my orders not here (Resolved)romesgirl721472013-09-12 20:23:01
by shelbyvengenz
friend (Resolved)shubhang199821282013-09-12 12:58:57
by tredog65
Server Error - Internal server (Resolved)metsscotty21922013-09-12 09:58:31
by hebby2012
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