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Can't find the answer you're looking for in Points2Shop or Cashle FAQs? Post NEW questions here to get support or any help you want. Please read every sticky thread before posting a support thread and feel free to answer questions other users have posted.
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Lotto ticket problem~ (Resolved)Spicin41582013-01-14 21:41:23
by Spicin
Amazon Giftcard (Resolved)shelbinator21952013-01-14 18:03:03
by chevychic255
Cause not in causes liat - Can't donate? [Resolved]hair82606102372013-01-14 14:15:30
by AbbyAW
Address Verification (Resolved)CheriiMia33542013-01-14 08:35:09
by Stijn1234
£5 Amazon E-Mail Gift Card- HELP PLEASE! (Resolved)fahmidur9952692013-01-12 05:54:11
by fahmidur99
how do i direct my refferals to cashle page?? (Resolved)blog12342002013-01-11 02:19:44
by chevychic255
how can I take out my cause? (Resolved)lokojohn31692013-01-10 20:12:35
by lokojohn
Concerning the acceptability of trading gift cards for points/cash (Resolved)SoostheMoos31772013-01-10 19:21:47
by SoostheMoos
Can i buy product from INDIA from points ?? (Resolved)amitbhatt89717702013-01-10 08:48:24
by Shreyas2
ˇMore points in EE (Resolved)kalmer50031452013-01-10 01:57:24
by Stijn1234
my order always says order denied (Resolved)juanorant...23832013-01-10 01:53:05
by Stijn1234
Paystation Network Gift Card by email is being shipped? (Resolved)silenthope41952013-01-09 14:20:01
by silenthope
Points for iTunes?BattleTron115722013-01-09 08:42:05
by AbbyAW
books (Resolved)turnerloos31852013-01-09 05:38:26
by turnerloos
Question account (Resolved)itznpolit...22032013-01-09 02:19:42
by Stijn1234
Would Points2Shop/Cashle Take my ITunes Giftcard?Doominater8422392013-01-08 23:04:07
by AbbyAW
Points2shop app on Nokia? (Resolved)ProEvo201144512013-01-08 11:04:54
by saurabh18
game order "code only" (Resolved)holymagiks72302013-01-08 01:38:39
by EvanescentFantasy
how to play spin2win (Resolved)hamster12...97192013-01-07 19:25:47
by idroj10
Question about my account (Resolved)itznpolit...72422013-01-07 18:45:27
by holymagiks
I have a question about my account (Resolved)Elodanify71942013-01-07 18:29:57
by Elodanify
Will my account be accessible when travel to other country. (Resolved)boyz731551652013-01-07 10:52:40
by boyz7315
outdated pricing (Resolved)jason3982833082013-01-07 10:23:37
by chevychic255
I cannot find the product I am looking for (Resolved)blago198921612013-01-07 00:06:56
by chevychic255
Cashle [Resolved]sgtfbomb31882013-01-06 21:25:29
by AbbyAW
online codes (Resolved)tjlt42532013-01-05 17:12:06
by EvanescentFantasy
Question (Resolved)itznpolit...102032013-01-05 09:28:21
by itznpolite2stare
Exchange gift cards for the UK ones. (Resolved)Jalkosebre43052013-01-05 07:25:48
by chevychic255
Can I send a support ticket to get 400 microsoft point giftcards that are online? (Resolved)VisibleNinja52832013-01-05 00:40:02
by EvanescentFantasy
Payment via check (Resolved)nasrul0752542013-01-04 09:37:10
by fishbomb159753
ebay gift cards (Resolved)turnerloos22642013-01-03 08:19:25
by mbwebsolutions
how to refer (Resolved)sheild9021552013-01-03 05:05:14
by chevychic255
Adress was was verified , now it says its not (Resolved)patricksgirl63232013-01-01 18:47:29
by AbbyAW
rewards (Resolved)josephwebb32032012-12-31 14:50:30
by josephwebb
can the $20 steam voucher be redeemed by UK members (Resolved)aaronovik32682012-12-29 12:15:24
by aaronovik
Tax Identification Number for Cause (Resolved)shelbinator62532012-12-29 08:45:03
by shelbinator
need help verify my account.(Resolved)greygoose...95642012-12-28 06:25:28
by greygoose1976
Can I order? (Resolved)Koki9372382012-12-28 04:04:30
by Koki93
Bronze (Resolved)shai2722042012-12-27 17:44:20
by racinallday
How to redeem a giftcard?. (Resolved)John1239185202012-12-27 17:26:24
by PaulMarks
Tracking Issue (Resolved)1928b22072012-12-27 01:38:03
by moofoo76
My referrals from PH (Resolved)leinadz31742012-12-26 22:48:51
by AbbyAW
wanna move up (Resolved)sachinmotogp62162012-12-26 04:48:38
by Spicin
Best Buy Gift Card (Resolved)Winna24741852012-12-25 19:18:10
by Winna247
Why my post get marked as resolved and locked ??amitbhatt8992232012-12-25 08:16:18
by Stijn1234
What if my refferals earned money by referring members....(Resolved)leinadz21732012-12-24 21:43:22
by EvanescentFantasy
help im in canada and it doesnt let me put ontario (Resolved)bizlal51652012-12-24 13:28:12
by leinadz
Can i connect to points2shop in a tablet? (Resolved)shai2732992012-12-23 20:12:19
by chevychic255
Cant order anything (Resolved)sabrego232252012-12-23 07:20:07
by chevychic255
Registration problemDanthelmi72022012-12-23 00:02:50
by MaDBrOGodKing
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