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Can't find the answer you're looking for in Points2Shop or Cashle FAQs? Post NEW questions here to get support or any help you want. Please read every sticky thread before posting a support thread and feel free to answer questions other users have posted.
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TopicStarted ByRepliesViewsLatest
Virtual Visa - There was a problem processing your reward.Albini198883582015-03-09 18:32:59
by gjtgjtgjt
Important information for Kindle Fire users: How to disable your web proxyPanTheMan92372015-03-05 04:46:58
by PanTheMan
Mobile apps and proxies/vpnisk8lakai2524862015-03-04 08:13:45
by shreddies
Support: Helpful Guides and Tipschevychic25519782014-04-17 14:10:10
by chevychic255
Rules and Posting Guidelines - Read Before Postingshelbinator17332014-01-21 08:35:19
by shelbinator
Common Issues (With Reasons and Solutions)agm1992155752012-09-02 11:18:41
by agm1992
Contacting us and resolving account issuesAkari13781442009-06-16 00:33:57
by Akari
Not aware if I got my 250 point sign up bonus?samiscool306362015-03-29 10:25:51
by samiscool30
Crunchyroll didn't payout and still haven't received a response (Resolved)guhwuh5512015-03-26 10:42:40
by guhwuh
Waitting to get Item (Resolved)gogorome4563662015-03-21 18:44:44
by chevychic255
Support ticket pending from 16 days (Resolved)immizzz2982015-03-19 14:07:39
by Stijn1234
Incorrect amount in Recurring Tasks? (Resolved)Chengdan2482015-03-19 14:02:35
by Kimi87
Does my Paypal need to be verified to recieve payments? (Resolved)TMTrevor3772015-03-17 17:26:05
by youreyes
Spin 2 win not working (Resolved)kea25254812015-03-16 03:42:10
by youreyes
Still Honour Level New... (Resolved)bolbrek5842015-03-12 17:03:47
by shreddies
So I got referred to a place called Buzzback through one of the surveys heregjtgjtgjt31032015-03-09 12:17:53
by gjtgjtgjt
Testimonials? (Resolved)DKStacker3812015-03-04 17:45:24
by chevychic255
peanutlabspixielots3742015-03-04 08:14:31
by shreddies
Thank you message (Resolved)cameoly2892015-03-02 12:01:10
by devincianna
Earning points in Kenya (Resolved)ProTornad...2502015-03-01 11:08:38
by Stijn1234
I need the traking info (Resolved)gogorome4567882015-03-01 07:17:24
by devincianna
Verify Adresse? (Resolved)samgabbay1234842015-02-28 10:11:13
by chevychic255
referral code (Resolved)tigeradawn2792015-02-28 04:57:04
by chevychic255
How do you get tickets for the lottery? (Resolved)badone55122015-02-19 15:17:42
by Teenagegurl13
How long do email rewards take? (Resolved)amyj200061072015-02-18 14:36:03
by alan13xc
Referral link does not workRockingRitu4792015-02-18 11:20:43
by RockingRitu
Manual Order Product Issues (Resolved)samvios3732015-02-16 21:15:59
by samvios
Paypal Instant Cashout Is Still Brokenm9piloto31282015-02-08 20:30:16
by m9piloto
Radium One not resolved...thanks for locking topic (Resolved)Irondog21182015-02-04 09:06:02
by shelbinator
Merits what do you do with them (Resolved)jasrajrai21192015-02-02 01:44:29
by Stijn1234
New Layout on Videos and Radium pages is skewed...Irondog21192015-01-30 04:35:53
by lterrell
Account issue please admin help me (Resolved)Santanudlion21712015-01-28 13:19:40
by N8tiveDude
Amazon 5$ withdraw (email) (Resolved)sammielive11062015-01-27 23:20:17
by sammielive
Question about identity verification (Resolved)cryslindelof51192015-01-26 20:53:49
by graeme74
Points2Shop adding on shipping? (Resolved)AdamDavis1421332015-01-26 12:35:55
by AdamDavis14
Amazon gift card (mailed) (Resolved)sammielive21042015-01-26 04:27:47
by Stijn1234
how to claim sweepstakes prize (Resolved)bsherrie6461662015-01-21 23:58:48
by justforlooks
How to fill out W9 form if under 18? (Resolved)willhexu42132015-01-21 23:43:24
by artur513
Account Issues (Resolved)kentuckyg...51782015-01-21 13:13:29
by Stijn1234
V, Visa approved. No email. (Resolved) Wait how long?willhexu61432015-01-13 18:25:08
by devincianna
cant verify address (Resolved)bailwee32692015-01-09 07:05:55
by chevychic255
i am not allowed to purchase using my points (Resolved)hyperacti...21302015-01-09 05:59:10
by shelbinator
Verify Address (Resolved)triblaze591982015-01-05 16:28:20
by triblaze5
$uper Rewards cash from videos question.moviejunk...51802015-01-03 14:05:56
by moviejunkie79
zip code (Resolved)dane023032482014-12-26 13:56:39
by sluzimonarodu
Merits??? (Resolved)modz4fun42031642014-12-26 02:00:34
by Jrstacey
Canadian Offers (Resolved)CrowLord21642014-12-25 10:52:19
by Stijn1234
P2S Offer Wall - Missing Pointstolska31642014-12-24 10:54:15
by tolska
Mobile App - Question Re Points Earned (Resolved)meerkatli...41752014-12-24 03:02:18
by Stijn1234
TrialPlay (Resolved)iRave133743292014-12-22 04:35:50
by Stijn1234
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