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For help, features request and bugs with the P2S Mobile Apps (Android & iOS) & API
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P2S Apps & API
TopicStarted ByRepliesViewsLatest
Points2Shop Android App - Supportldpx300012464132014-09-18 06:51:50
by shashwatbahuguna
iOS/Android App Information/Downloadagm19921316932014-07-04 21:11:13
by ldpx3000
Get startedMatjong7042492013-08-13 07:09:33
by sereje
Points2Shop Mobile Apps - FAQldpx30001813732013-05-10 11:37:54
by xMiXeRx
Persona.ily wall needs added on app.Ambernich...152014-09-17 23:56:53
by Ambernichole1212
Points to Shop the Game CodeJakob9911112014-09-17 21:33:09
by Jakob991
Tapjoy videos loopingtredog654812014-09-07 07:22:49
by ldpx3000
Windows Phone Appcatchme24229712014-08-25 06:35:35
by ldpx3000
Apps for mobile, and how to guide.... ((iOS based)))Ambernich...2722014-08-20 06:13:09
by ldpx3000
Why can't you play games on ipad?nateplays3562014-07-24 21:11:26
by ldpx3000
Ios doesn't work for gamesnateplays2522014-07-24 21:10:59
by ldpx3000
Downloaded apps bugnateplays2332014-07-24 07:06:08
by ldpx3000
Delays In Balance Updateshebby20122292014-07-23 14:15:06
by ldpx3000
'Supersonic Ads' do not work (iOS)BeckyC569692014-07-23 07:45:57
by BeckyC56
issue with the p2s plug inmoofoo762832014-07-09 09:42:12
by ldpx3000
App Crashing right away on IOS 7.0.2maximizer18206512014-07-08 07:48:08
by rebeldefecto
use of iOS and Android app away from home IPtriheaded...192612014-06-26 21:46:47
by ldpx3000
Metaps offer wall doesn't loadmparke1102652014-06-17 14:00:49
by ldpx3000
Having trouble with the ipod appNEIROUCHI...4992014-06-09 10:46:37
by bipbopsss
Why are the permissions on the android app so abusive?chris4ich62292014-06-03 07:01:43
by ldpx3000
iOS - 'Reaction' mobile only game *BUG*ldpx300061692014-06-02 21:47:48
by MHarro4815
Some Problems for p2s App for India.king104731172014-05-26 21:24:53
by ldpx3000
Turning off screen rotation on Android is completely useless to the app.iMario99961222014-05-12 08:33:36
by ldpx3000
Can't log out of the appmparke12662014-05-06 07:47:24
by ldpx3000
No app for my tablet?grohmomma8861322014-04-23 18:34:26
by CrEaTiOnE
Not able to exit out of videos.Bzzerta2621372014-04-23 15:04:58
by CrEaTiOnE
P2S android plugin taking too much data when u dont even have itiMario99921122014-04-17 07:13:44
by ldpx3000
Option to disable notificationsmparke14962014-04-07 08:29:56
by ldpx3000
mobile plugin problemseuanzhang9571612014-04-03 14:54:54
by chevychic255
Redeeming points and cash on mobile appsdexter2851162014-03-16 02:42:16
by clem4eva
Link to Support on iOSisk8lakai241262014-02-12 18:29:31
by isk8lakai2
NativeX Customer Support Email neededBigtimeGuy32502014-02-06 11:44:50
by BigtimeGuy
Points2Shop - Native Apps & Web Appldpx3000107332014-01-31 15:31:09
by hoomer
P2S Mobile Apps - VOTE!ldpx30004631112014-01-30 09:28:16
by petedawson
Things P2S needs to add to their Android App.iMario99961482014-01-10 07:24:43
by ldpx3000
Failed Ads on iOS AppNaru200821022014-01-03 11:56:22
by ldpx3000
Mobile Platinum Users Forumhebby20122892014-01-01 16:42:15
by ldpx3000
Windows 8 Smartphone AppTonyCable21822013-12-26 08:05:49
by ldpx3000
"This application needs to be version relased on april 26th or newer" on iphonemichalgor...92232013-12-17 20:28:49
by ldpx3000
Web App HelpLastuchia1012832013-12-06 12:24:56
by ldpx3000
iOS 7 & Points2Shop Appyoucantst...31072013-11-29 13:22:40
by youcantstopme
Notifications (App VS. Computer)hebby201231272013-11-29 09:38:46
by hebby2012
Points2Shop iPhone app errorKingArad52022013-11-18 05:50:21
by ldpx3000
NativeX issue (iOS WebApp)hebby201262242013-11-01 09:30:16
by ldpx3000
Problem with new iOS update.Shaken1351992013-10-26 12:42:02
by SkyFortressLP
P2S API - No Sending Points???geosters31702013-10-08 10:59:40
by Matjong
p2s android app bug or what?m4a1master81342013-10-03 22:57:43
by m4a1master
Flurry not on android anymoremparke121082013-10-03 21:32:50
by ldpx3000
P2S App no longer compatible with Android tabletsCavinaar82612013-09-19 06:58:00
by ldpx3000
iOS 5.x app supportMatjong11332013-09-18 16:07:18
by Matjong
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