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TopicStarted ByRepliesViewsLatest
Games won't submit scoresloverofth...5214712015-04-18 17:24:43
by shelbinator
Spellingerrors (:p) on the websiteLittlerose264127762015-04-15 18:11:46
by ldpx3000
Please Read Before Posting - Common problemschevychic255316742014-07-07 23:42:43
by greenawalt57
Bugs in Offers/Tasks or Usamp? Read thisagm19921521952013-02-15 12:01:06
by isk8lakai2
PayPal Instant Payment Brokenmscharla122852015-04-14 20:12:25
by herbonthepc
Problems Clicking On FedSam Offersvovillia4382015-04-14 18:47:51
by chevychic255
Email Survey BugHiddenNova1122015-04-10 01:35:47
by HiddenNova
Didn't get pointsbreakfast...3212015-04-09 13:17:46
by hickorydock
uSamp loads....slowlyMirroredP...2502015-04-06 13:10:46
by shelbinator
Admin don't replySantanudlion31232015-03-27 09:12:14
by Santanudlion
60% through a survey and then it tells me i dont qualify and get no points.asticus2442015-03-20 17:54:17
by Kimi87
Money Updating Bug!RaymondPh...1662015-03-14 16:12:04
by RaymondPhengmany
Spin 2 win not working!kea25255542015-03-12 19:18:09
by kea2525
shipping CostSeabeeCPO2622015-03-08 05:48:59
by Stijn1234
MINOR: Select all in messages doesnt select all you have to click each one, one by onematthewesp1572015-03-03 18:13:30
by matthewesp
Daily soop not workingGino1964172932015-03-02 17:35:22
by herbonthepc
Referral status doesn't update properlychevychic25552732015-02-22 12:20:10
by shreddies
List of Bugs - New DesignILovePandaz41042015-02-07 13:00:49
by ILovePandaz
Games not submitting?DaijaK2562015-02-03 10:02:06
by chevychic255
Cannot resume Tripeaks gameCaptainGinyu3502015-02-03 09:49:12
by chevychic255
SOOPkea25253452015-02-03 08:12:55
by chevychic255
more bug then what there needs to besnickers012432015-02-03 00:32:09
by chloeprincess01
Points2Shop is Brokennatedawg46872015-02-02 19:46:01
by natedawg4
paypal broken for instant payments (Resolved)treghost152012015-02-01 13:43:42
by treghost1
Tripeaks Solitare Resume Interrupted GamesDeuce3005615202015-02-01 12:27:46
by sugaredchaos
daily point for couponsGino19642402015-02-01 02:27:53
by Lyuba06
Cannot place orderCaptainGinyu1362015-01-31 04:34:28
by CaptainGinyu
Page layoutjvarga291462015-01-30 13:27:34
by jvarga29
NO POINTSTT2233562015-01-30 04:28:41
by Irondog
More Surveys (100 Points) Bugvovillia1672015-01-24 19:28:48
by vovillia
Cant verify shiping adressthatdudeun02632015-01-20 01:37:47
by Stijn1234
Calulating Amazon shipping costlybev42592015-01-10 10:44:59
by devincianna
Contact List Buglegacyunited2642015-01-05 08:14:00
by ZhaneK
reward gallery only showing usedGuardianr...1262015-01-04 13:23:13
by Guardianrooke
surveys do not work propelyzombiecra...51412014-12-29 04:26:07
by justforlooks
Recurring tasks listing broken on p2sqwertz201311122014-12-20 12:51:35
by qwertz2013
crediting offers not showing up today (Resolved)lizzyk31112014-12-16 06:19:20
by lizzyk
Virool and other videosmanosteel2113782014-12-14 04:12:59
by Stijn1234
App Games HistoryCanadianTale2752014-12-10 06:50:00
by ldpx3000
The Shopping Cart Needs To Be FixedFranklin5511702014-12-07 17:00:31
by Franklin551
Balance history graph showing the wrong one by defaultchevychic25591342014-12-06 21:31:13
by shelbinator
False pricing in the Rewards GalleryGuardianr...81542014-11-29 16:34:22
by AbbyAW
Persona wall links brokenMagicBob4852014-11-19 13:24:56
by MagicBob
Im trying to post Proof of Payments and I keep getting "Index Server Error"laylarocks233632014-11-17 17:34:28
by laylarocks23
USPS address verification randomly not workingtreghost141822014-11-16 07:03:27
by Stijn1234
video offerdrull991862014-11-12 03:23:08
by drull99
IM Glitcheslapraceon2862014-11-09 12:40:35
by eeab
P2S Mobile Appmohdshakirck1752014-11-03 10:18:08
by mohdshakirck
No news only used in the reward gallery?Guardianr...51392014-11-01 11:03:55
by Sammysweetheart
Ustamp keeps asking for my password....yoshiboy113822014-10-25 17:18:15
by justforlooks
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