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Everything about Teams, Quests, Lottery, Sweepstakes, Merits and Honor Levels
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TopicStarted ByRepliesViewsLatest
Weekly Lotteryhelmsuzanne13975352014-06-18 09:00:44
by shelbinator
Rules - Read Before Postingshelbinator12232014-01-19 14:17:38
by shelbinator
Competing Informationchevychic255116312011-12-18 16:39:51
by chevychic255
How to donate merits.technomonk12945882011-12-11 17:18:24
by Stewfan14
I will be the winner of the contestmatyuk1236252014-09-14 23:46:52
by steshuk89
Join My Team!!!! (In 4th of team merits #69)magmacubes7291782014-09-13 16:33:36
by arano
how to get lottery tickets?astroninj...2292014-09-08 02:45:13
by Stijn1234
join my team its the best team ever. BRUIN504matthewdog1112014-09-06 18:45:20
by matthewdog
Join my teamchris102576131972014-09-02 09:01:16
by chris102576
Join my team!Allenafaith1382014-08-27 17:29:45
by Allenafaith
The 43rd Infantryjgolom1172014-08-27 15:14:45
by jgolom
Searching for a teammarth44702014-08-24 16:45:00
by iLiveOnSkittles
I need team membersEvanBerme...2402014-08-24 16:21:05
by graeme74
i need a teampattip115725782014-08-24 16:12:18
by EvanBermelover9000
Looking for new team members!iLiveOnSk...1282014-08-24 13:02:26
by iLiveOnSkittles
I'm looking for another merits team member..yoshiboy111562014-08-17 16:32:54
by yoshiboy11
100k merits team: High Hopeszach74173812014-08-13 05:37:22
by zach7417
100k merit team wants new member.king104721022014-08-10 20:48:35
by rawbogm
Join My Team!epicroyalty1282014-08-10 17:08:55
by epicroyalty
High Hopes Merits Team!zach74173482014-08-09 03:14:04
by zach7417
CoolMisbahox1...2352014-08-08 22:35:02
by blueangel33
Teamaprilv151342014-08-04 14:35:52
by aprilv15
looking for teamTRAVARIS2392014-08-03 18:40:00
by magmacubes72
Spin2Win estimates!nituvious51212014-08-01 22:17:27
by justforlooks
Achievement ListThisIsWho...3482014-08-01 11:34:24
by ThisIsWhoIAm2014
looking for a new team membersnickers011342014-08-01 09:49:49
by snickers01
Join Team No One wants us!!ErickaRay1011412014-07-31 01:28:25
by ErickaRay101
please join my team named the p2s winnersarano2372014-07-30 06:29:31
by morgillo96
Looking to join a cool TEAM.khoahuyn98901282014-07-28 04:52:37
by khoahuyn9890
please join my teamLifeofY3442014-07-28 04:51:11
by khoahuyn9890
Recruit 4 TheThreeTreosTheThreeT...1222014-07-27 22:12:55
by TheThreeTreos
Recruiting for Uchiha Clan!UchihaHannah3722014-07-26 15:02:21
by UchihaHannah
80k Merit Team Opeining (Qualifications Below)XTaqueeX131742014-07-24 21:20:24
by XTaqueeX
Recruiting for Team Robbiehostshack4802014-07-24 10:57:13
by montov8
merits team for #70 team contestmaddykshitij2432014-07-20 23:23:23
by march1971
High Hopes is Recruiting Members!zach74171362014-07-18 02:29:43
by zach7417
Currently Accepting New Team Members!MichaelSt...6792014-07-13 02:31:04
by mohammedatique
Merritsshaorun263732014-07-12 14:16:10
by newette
Hello every one,I have a team called lunarknight feel free to join to help conquer!myusa121302014-07-12 11:45:20
by myusa12
Someone join my team!ejbowers863582014-07-11 21:13:39
by ejbowers86
teamgokulesh211332014-07-10 11:11:12
by gokulesh21
Currently recruiting membersYaBoiTre4702014-07-10 11:09:16
by gokulesh21
Team Temptation wants you to join if you have at least 5000 meritssmallhurdle1332014-07-09 19:09:50
by smallhurdle
Join My team moneybags82 go for itmoneybags822652014-07-09 18:31:46
by smallhurdle
I need to join to Team ..patotyaseen3602014-07-08 20:07:19
by jbobman7
Need members for my teamTheGreatP...141662014-07-08 17:56:15
by coolhope44
34k merits. Looking for merit beasts.DarkSaber6852014-07-07 10:49:59
by DarkSaber
Looking for merit team to joinBlue21884692014-07-04 22:26:17
by Blue2188
Need members for my teamGissygiselle1282014-07-03 20:53:01
by Gissygiselle
Team Temptation wanting new memberssmallhurdle3422014-07-03 02:38:26
by Jhames990
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